Exclusive Interview: Activist Geller for a special prosecutor to investigate Scalia death

Podesta email hack reveals code words for ‘assassination’Exclusive Interview: Activist Geller for a special prosecutor to investigate Scalia death


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By Marc Patrone —— Bio and Archives October 14, 20161 Comment | Print Friendly | Subscribe | Email UsAddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to FacebookShare to TwitterShare to PrintShare to EmailShare to PinterestShare to More(Editor’s Note: Pamela Geller, whose own life was threatened in Garland, Texas in 2015, would recognize the chilling meaning of the term “wet works” in the shocking Wikileaks released John Podesta email, apparently referring to Judge Antonin Scalia.

Below follows her exclusive Interview with CFPN Liberty Media’s Marc Patrone):Q: The allegation that Scalia was murdered is an explosive one – how seriously to believe the links to be between Podesta’s “wet works’ reference and Scalia’s death which was ruled to have been due to natural causes?A:There were questions about his death at the time.

The man whose home Scalia was staying in said he discovered him with a pillow over his head. Who sleeps like that? There were already questions about the death. This just compounds them.Q: Given how politically corrupt the DOJ is under Obama, who do you trust to investigate this matter?A:Certainly not the the Obama DoJ.

A party that has no ties to the possible perpetrators should perform the investigation.Q:What should happen next as far opening up Scalia’s death to a criminal investigation?A:An American President would appoint an independent special prosecutor.Q:

The absence of an autopsy and the apparent pillow placement at the death scene are suspicious enough. Could you discuss further your suspicions about this case?A:The convenience of it for the left, combined with the questionable circumstances, make it suspicious enough.Q: Should Trump weigh in?A:He should ask that there be an investigation.

Q: Make this an election issue despite the Scalia family’s apparent reluctance to treat this as anything other than a natural death?

A:Yes. This case has potentially serious implications for the U.S. government and the Democratic Party. The truth needs to be known.

Q: The country seems already on edge given this bitter election campaign, the absolute destruction of mainstream media objectivity, war footing on high in the middle east and even warnings of a nuclear exchange with Russia, liberty under attack by powerful external and internal forces – what would revelations of an assassination do to the country?

A:Maybe end the power of the political and media elites. That would not be a bad thing.Thank you, Pamela.God Bless you and give you strength……………………………………..


Source: Exclusive Interview: Activist Geller for a special prosecutor to investigate Scalia death


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