Make America Great Again is a Movement

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Make America Great Again is a Movement
American Thinker ^ | October 14, 2016 | Lloyd Marcus

Posted on 10/14/2016, 1:07:24 PM by Kaslin

On Rush’s radio show, VP nominee Mike Pence said when he and Trump pull into a venue greeted by huge crowds and long lines, Trump has often said to him, “This is a movement, and it’s about this country, and it’s about the American people.”

I say, “Amen, and right on brother.” How else can you explain Trump defeating a respected black doctor and 15 politicians to win the GOP presidential nomination hands down? GOP voters simply were fed up with broken promises, betrayals, and endless, fruitless fundraising. I get it.

Since writing the “American Tea Party Anthem”, I have been on the front lines fighting for freedom since 2008; speaking and singing at over 500 tea party rallies; over 15 national bus tours. Evolving into chairman of the Conservative Campaign Committee, I traveled state-to-state helping conservatives win elections, resulting in gifting the GOP control of the House and Senate.

Over the past eight years, my wife Mary and I have spent so much time on the road leaving Sammy, our greyhound, with pet/house sitters that he does not even greet us anymore when we return home; only a disinterested glance from his doggy bed.

Like my fellow patriots, I did not know the GOP was playing us; afraid to oppose the black president on some issues while siding with Obama on others. For eight years the GOP claimed they were powerless to stop Obama from being the most lawless president in U.S. history; powerless to keep their campaign promises to push back against Obama’s tyranny; powerless to stop Obama from using government to punish his opposition; powerless to stop Obama from destroying our economy; powerless to stop Obama from implementing policies which endanger American lives.

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Source: Make America Great Again is a Movement


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