Donald Trump Widens Lead in Daybreak Poll Over Crooked Hillary

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Donald Trump Widens Lead in Daybreak Poll Over Crooked Hillary
Still Report ^ | 10/16/2016 | Bill Still

Posted on 10/16/2016, 2:31:26 PM by GilGil

Donald Trump Widens Lead in Daybreak Poll Over Crooked Hillary

Sooner or later, we predict, the MSM polls will have to start showing Donald Trump’s poll numbers tightening significantly with Crooked Hillary Clinton’s.

Why? Because, if the latest pre-and-post-debate polls taken in Ohio are any measure – and we suspect that they are – the MSM are skewing polls by about 13 total points in favor of Crooked Hillary now, but that can’t continue. Why? Because in the end, these pollsters rely on getting it right – at least their final numbers before election day. That’s the way they sell their services the next time to customers who want accurate polling. Of course, probably half the MSM are no longer interested in accurate polls – only polls that provide the correct answer to suit their political goals.

However, overall, bottom line, they don’t want to risk some reporter like me noting two years from now that such-and-such poll was among the 10 worst in the nation in the previous election.

The USC Daybreak poll has been the best so far and we believe it has forced both the UPI state-by-state poll and now Rasmussen to steer their polling towards the truth as well.

In today’s Daybreak poll, there were several significant developments. First of all, Donald Trump has increased his lead nationwide over Crooked Hillary. Trump now leads by a .6% margin – 44.5 to 43.9.

Now remember, none of this counts in the unmeasureable “Monster Vote” which we suspect will be an additional 5 to 10%.

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Source: Donald Trump Widens Lead in Daybreak Poll Over Crooked Hillary


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