Devvy Kidd — Female Clinton Voters: When an illegal alien rapes your daughter or a Muslim does this ~ By: Devvy


By: Devvy
October 17, 2016

Cable network anchors, pundits and so-called reporters continue to chant Donald Trump can’t win the election without the women’s vote. Really? Trump draws tens of thousands of supporters at every event across this country. Sometimes as many as 1,500 or more can’t get in because the venue is full. Crooked Hillary has trouble filling a room which seats two hundred.

Has anyone taken a look at those Trump supporters? Are 25,000 of them at an event all white males? Hardly. In some pictures from his appearances it appears women out number men and they aren’t all Lilly white, either.

Female voters for Clinton care nothing for the victims of illegal aliens or their grieving families. They care nothing for the slaughter of American citizens by illegals. Over 64,000 Americans have been killed or murdered by illegals since 9/11. In November 2015 an illegal from Mexico, described by his defense attorney as a drunk, broke into an apartment and raped a 6-year old little girl. He has been convicted and faces 50+ years in prison.

The Democratic/Communist Party USA is 1000% for illegal aliens aided and abetted by too many Republicans in Congress (Paul Ryan and Juan McCain to name two) and the criminal impostor in the White House. They don’t give a damn how many Americans are victims of illegals:

Study Finds Nearly 70,000 Criminal Illegal Aliens Released Back Into the U.S.

“I think it’s important for the public to understand that ICE is able to identify more criminal aliens than ever before and yet they’re not allowed to uphold their sworn oath to uphold the laws because of the policies put in place by this administration to deliberately suppress immigration law enforcement,” Vaughan, a former foreign service officer with the State Department, told TheBlaze. “The result is that not only are illegal immigrants not being detoured from settling here but once they get here, even if they have shown that they’re a threat to the public by committing crimes [the administration] ignores it and they are sent back into our communities.”

“One case highlighted by Vaughan referred to Amado Espinoza-Ramirez, an illegal alien living in Chicago who was charged with 42 counts of predatory sexual acts on children in 2012 yet was released from ICE’s custody shortly thereafter. Espinoza was mandated to wear an ankle monitoring bracelet yet somehow removed the device, disappeared and failed to show up at his hearing, the Daily Caller reported. ICE said the decision to release Espinoza-Ramirez from custody “was made based on the fact that he had no prior criminal convictions, no prior immigration violations, and is the parent of a U.S. citizen child.”

Think it can’t happen to you, your son (yes, boys have been raped by illegals in this country) or your daughter? Or your grandmother or mother? Yes, illegals in this country have raped women in their 80s. Hillary Clinton got caught writing in email leaked by Wikileaks she wants open borders. That vagina you want to put in the White House wants to continue flooding this country with the dregs of the earth endangering all of us.

God forbid your family is wiped out by a drunk illegal driving in your area or your child (or you) is raped by an illegal. Then don’t cry, “How could this happen?” Every president and Congress, both parties, since Ronald Reagan opened the flood gates in 1986 has allowed this massive invasion to continue. A vote for Hillary Clinton will make sure it continues. If you actually believe Hillary cares about you or your family you are either in denial or know nothing about who that witch really is.

Muslims should never have been allowed into this country. They use their fake religion which in reality is a political party to run rough shod over OUR Constitution as they work towards making toxic ‘Sharia Law’ the law of OUR land. I covered this thoroughly in my book as well as the illegals invasion. Some of it will make you sick to your soul.

Muslims are taught to lie from an early age. Deceit is their specialty. Violence and hatred their dogma. Have female Clinton voters forgotten about San Bernadino and Orlando? In November 2014, a Muslim named Nolen went to his workplace in Moore, Oklahoma, stabbed Traci Johnson, 43, several times and then cut off Colleen Hufford’s head; she was 54. That murdering piece of crap………………………

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Source: Devvy Kidd — Female Clinton Voters: When an illegal alien rapes your daughter or a Muslim does this


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