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Skip to comments.VOTE FOR CONGRESS COUNTS (New York State) ^ | 10/17/16 | Bob LonsberryPosted on 10/17/2016, 12:24:48 PM by shortstopIn my part of the world, Trump doesn’t matter.I’ve got the hat, and I’m voting for him, but it doesn’t matter.As a conservative in upstate New York, my statewide vote doesn’t mean anything, it is dilluted and destroyed by teeming hordes of New York City Democrats.So my vote for Donald Trump, just like my vote against Chuck Schumer, isn’t going to move the needle.I lose.So I need to focus on where I can win, and where America needs me to win.In upstate New York, particularly in that broad swath from the east suburbs of Buffalo to the west suburbs of Albany, the vote that counts is for the House of Representatives. Your vote for Congress is the one that can make a difference.In several congressional districts, Republicans can and should win, and by so doing can bring some sort of stability to a looming presidency that could potentially be catastrophic. ……………………





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