‘A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’’ — Saul Alinsky Profiled in New Documentary

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‘A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’’ — Saul Alinsky Profiled in New Documentary
cnsnews.com ^ | 10/18/2016 | Mark Judge

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After being mentored by the labor leader John L. Lewis, Alinsky founded the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF), which trained community organizers around the country. Aided by the liberal millionaire Marshall Field III, Alinsky expanded his mission of inspiring and organizing poor, urban communities across America. “Reveille for Radicals,” his 1946 book, became a best-seller. Perhaps even better known is his second book “Rules for Radicals,” which contains an acknowledgement to Lucifer, “who at least won his own kingdom.”

During the 1960’s Alinsky set up institutes to train other organizers, and his reputation as an activist grew. In 1969 college student Hillary Clinton chose his work as the topic for a Wellesley College thesis. Clinton described Alinksy as “that rare specimen, the successful radical.”

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