Everything, EVERYTHING is rigged against Trump


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Everything, EVERYTHING is rigged against Trump
Email | October 18, 2016

Posted on 10/18/2016, 4:31:04 PM by ChocChipCookie

Everything and everybody is is out to get Trump. On Facebook, magazines like Inc., PR Daily, Real Simple, and other business-themed magazines are taking sides — all anti-Trump. It’s unreal

Today I received this press release for a book that gives parents guidance for protecting kids from violence. The subject line: “How Trump’s Conspiracy Theories Affect Children.”

Yep — this public relations gal managed to tie an anti-Trump message to a book that has nothing to do with Trump. Here’s the release in its entirety:

Whether the “election is rigged” or “Hillary Clinton needs a drug test,” it seems every day Donald Trump has a new conspiracy theory. Some of us roll our eyes, and some of us nod in agreement. But how does talk of conspiracy theories and rigged systems affect young children?

I am currently working with child psychologist Dr. Brian Johnson and his wife Dr. Laurie Berdahl who are authors of Warning Signs: How to Protect Your Kids from Becoming Victims or Perpetrators of Violence and Aggression, and they have interesting insights into how such talk affects children and how to properly talk to them about these issues.

They are immediately available to discuss:

How conspiracy theories promote aggression and violence against scapegoated individuals and groups

How Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is a prime example of this

Debunking conspiracy theories with kids

Teaching critical thinking skills to help youth avoid being manipulated by others including falling victim to extremist groups or conspiracy theorists

How to help children understand rational thinking versus emotional beliefs

Drs. Berdahl and Johnson are authors of the new book Warning Signs: How to Protect Your Kids from Becoming Victims or Perpetrators of Violence and Aggression. They offer resources and parenting advice at http://www.warningsignsforparents.com. They currently reside in Greeley, CO.



Thanks, Elizabeth M

She really scraped the bottom of the barrel to come up with a link to Trump. Unreal.

Source: Everything, EVERYTHING is rigged against Trump


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