Trump is Right..Rigged Dem Primary Bombshell

Skip to comments.Trump is Right..Rigged Dem Primary BombshellStanford Study.PDF ^ | 6/7/2016 | Axel Geijsel and Rodolfo BarraganPosted on 10/18/2016, 5:20:18 AM by Hillary’sMoralVoidMANY THANKS to Anti-Hillary for this Bombshell statistical analysis on how Hillary stole the Democrat Primary. This brilliant study shows how the Clinton Campaign targeted the states most vulnerable to voter fraud and stole the primary from Bernie Sanders.This is one of the most significant studies of voter fraud and perhaps one of the most important documents in this election.Read from beginning to end, it is compelling and it clearly shows how Hillary’s team systematically carried out election theft. Moreover, it is a harbinger for the general election and we must publicize this study to prevent this from happening again.

Source: Trump is Right..Rigged Dem Primary Bombshell


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