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Skip to comments.WE’VE LOST THE GLUE THAT BINDS USboblonsberry.com ^ | 10/18/16 | Bob LonsberryPosted on 10/18/2016, 10:52:58 AM by shortstopThe challenge of racial division in America today is not just that there are forces pushing us apart, but that we’ve lost the things that held us together.Relations between black people and white people are probably at their worst in anyone’s lifetime, with most of those divisions exacerbated dramatically in the last handful of years.

The reasons for that have more to do with the manipulation of racial animosity than the reality of the racial situation. Politicians and activists, each standing to benefit by pitting people against one another, have whipped up an internal and seemingly unresolvable conflict between blacks and whites. Some get votes and power out of the discord, others get grants and publicity. Altogether, the society weakens and strains.It is an evil, partisan manipulation that poses the greatest threat to our national union since the Civil War. It declares an inherent racism that is neither identifiable nor fixable, yet which drives like a wedge into the society, creating an insatiable anger that leads to an uncertain future.The forces of division are strong.

And the bonds of traditional unity are weak.That may be the most dangerous aspect of all this.America has always been a nation of different types of people. Comprised of folks from around the world, and of regions from across the country, there have been many different types of Americans.But those Americans have always had common ground. There has always been a place where we have been the same, and had the same interests.Most commonly, that place of binding has been in our common patriotism and Christianity.Certainly, there have always been Americans who weren’t Christian, and who didn’t love the country.

But they have been few and marginal. In the main, the United States — across all its peoples and priorities — has been a nation of common belief in God and of common love of country.That has certainly been true across racial lines.Black people and white people have been great patriots, serving valiantly in each of America’s conflicts and grasping firmly to the Founders’ ever-perfecting vision of liberty and equality. Likewise, black people and white people have been great Christians, rearing churches of every sort and kneeling before a God who created, loved and saved them all.

No matter the differences, black Americans and white Americans had two defining similarities — they stood for God and country.Those two bonds — patriotism and faith — held through stresses and bound through hard times. Not even Jim Crow could pry them loose.But today those two traits are scorned by progressive orthodoxy and the harsh dictates of political correctness. Both Christianity and patriotism are seen as forms of bigotry and xenophobia.To believe in Christianity, the progressive rationale goes, is to disrespect Islam, gay people and disbelievers. Love of country is a type of racism and superiority against foreigners and their cultures. To self-identify as a Christian and a patriot, in progressive America, is to self-identify as a hater.And so Christianity is pushed from the public square. Increasingly, even its private practice is challenged — ask any church fearing it will be forced to put in a transgender bathroom or sanction gay marriages.

A slight sense of moral and intellectual inferiority is ascribed to Christians, particularly those who are Bible based.And on the issue of patriotism, the current wave of kneeling during the national anthem is a visible sign that disrespecting patriotism is respecting black rights. The implication is clear — patriotic symbols and expressions are signs of white racism and the oppression of blacks. America’s defining symbol — the flag — is not to be honored as it is only a token of the “systemic racism” declared by the president and his party.Before long, the American flag will be beside the Confederate flag as a cursed symbol of black oppression by whites.Further, the notion of patriotism — also defined as a moral and intellectual inferiority — is mocked by the political correctness and progressive orthodoxy that declares we are citizens of the world. National borders and national identities are erased, and heritage is denounced.America specifically, the great oppressor, is denounced.

And the glue is weakened.Americans used to love their God, one another, and their country.Increasingly today, none of those things are true.And the sad consequences are just beginning to roll out.



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