The Hedge Is Down: Could This Be the End of America?

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The Hedge Is Down: Could This Be the End of America?
Rapture Ready ^ | 10/19/2016 | Geri Ungurean

Posted on 10/19/2016, 3:20:42 PM by Roman_War_Criminal

Adrian Rogers speaks of four things in Psalm 80 which are applicable today in America:

1. Great national despair (Psalm 80:4-6) Spiritual sterility – prayers were given up to God out of unrepentant hearts. These prayers actually made God angry. The prayer of an unrepentant people is an insult to Almighty God. Religion without Righteousness is repugnant to God. America is praying but the sin of America is running over.

2. Personal Sorrow Sorrow follows sin as night follows the day.

3. National Shame Our enemies laugh at us. No longer is America respectfed for her ideals.

4. Glorious National Design God planted the nation of Israel. He planted them and they flourished. There is a striking parallel between Israel of old and America today. They are not the same , but America was a God- planted, God-blessed and God-ordained nation. It was like no other nation on earth.

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Source: The Hedge Is Down: Could This Be the End of America?


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