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The Cause of the South is now the Cause of all [Americans ~ Trump, Castro, and Lincoln…

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Trump, Castro, and Lincoln —————— p. 7


Washington Liberals Sabotaging Trump The liberal establishment will not retreat into the background and quietly watch as the new president “drains the swamp.”

The obstructionist actions of the Democrats in Congress when dealing with Trump’s Cabinet appointees is but one example of the efforts of the liberal establishment to prevent Trump’s efforts to reduce the size and scope of the Federal Empire.

Within the first two weeks of the new administration there were strong indications that the entrenched liberal establishment inside the Federal bureaucracy would fight the new president’s efforts. Their goal is twofold (1) keep their jobs and (2) maintain their power they have created via massive federal regulations. In essence, liberals who control the Federal bureaucracy are motivated by personal greed and allegiance to their Marxist-progressive ideology.

They will do whatever is necessary to keep their cushy positions (paid for by America’s tax slaves) and to protect the governmental instruments created to enforce their Marxist-progressive ideology. One Washington based writer noted that the “beast” i.e. “the federal bureaucracy” is actively working against President Trump.

For example, over 1000 federal bureaucrats signed a memo denouncing Trump’s immigration policy!

It was reported that bureaucrats in the IRS have begun using encrypted messaging to each other as they plan their efforts to resist the new president! 234510

Protecting Our Rights Requires More Than A New President The problem with relying upon “good” conservatives in Washington, D.C. to protect our rights and liberties is that the Federal establishment is so big that even a Trump will find it difficult to reduce its size and scope.

Even President Ronald Reagan was not able to reduce the size of the Federal Empire. Hopefully, Trump will be able to force through a repeal of Obamacare, reduce illegal immigration and appoint at least two “conservatives” to the Supreme Court. (continued on next page)…



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