Is This Trump’s Watergate, Or Revenge Of The Swamp People?

Is This Trump’s Watergate, Or Revenge Of The Swamp People?
Investor’s Business Daily ^ | 2/15/2017 | Staff

Posted on 2/16/2017, 7:48:28 AM by IBD editorial writer

Swampgate: President Trump may have come to Washington to “drain the swamp,” but now he’s finding out that it’s full of nasty swamp creatures. And, as he’s also discovered, they bite.

The debacle over national security advisor Michael Flynn’s sudden departure over his ill-advised contacts with Russian government officials shows that the Democrats in Congress and the bureaucrats that work with them mean to take as many scalps and do as much damage possible to Trump’s barely 3-weeks-old presidency.

If they can fatally damage him early in his first term, all the better.

And they have help. The media have been slobbering at the chance to slip their chains and take a bite out of Trump, who has so far bested them in Twitter battles and, worse, made them irrelevant to a large segment of the population.

Meanwhile, federal bureaucrats, fearing Trump’s vow to shrink big government and root out corruption, are digging in as if fighting for their very lives. That’s why intelligence “sources,” as the media call them, are willing to break the law to subvert Trump’s administration. They have too much to lose if he wins.

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Source: Is This Trump’s Watergate, Or Revenge Of The Swamp People?


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