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It is Fake News 101 that the protests and riots that have occurred since his election are the fault of President Donald J. Trump

According to Fake News purveyors, President Trump and not Obama divided AmericaBy Judi McLeod

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The U.S. mainstream media lost all credibility when they climbed into the tank with the DNC- manufactured messiah Barack Hussein Obama eight long years ago , and their yapping and yelping about Donald J. Trump being the “bad guy”  won’t bring it back.For eight long years the mainstream media hurled sewage at the public from the Obama tank where they went to live.

Instead of taking on Obama’s destructive and unasked for Fundamental Transformation of America—or even questioning it—they went whole hog after the TEA Party and other American patriots.Obama’s hateful smears of dissidents as “bigots”, “racists”,  “homophobes”, “Islamophobes”, “bitter clingers” and Christians who wouldn’t come down from their high horses would not have stuck without the seal of propaganda passed to him by the mainstream media.

Few of the scribes and broadcast media showed any respect or dignity during the first President Trump ‘presser’ that followed the one where they yelped in outrage—all because the Christian News Wire and Town Hall got to ask the first questions.

Donald Trump only took questions from right-wing news outlets for a third press conference in a row.The US President hosted a joint conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the White House on Wednesday.  (Independent, Feb. 16, 2017) “

But after a speech that covered Iran and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Mr Trump only took questions from Christian Broadcasting Network and Townhall, two outlets widely considered to hold conservative views.“In a joint press conference with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on 13 February, Mr Trump again only took two questions; one from WJLA, a news channel found to have “a strong tilt toward Trump” during the 2016 election, and another from The Daily Caller, a conservative outlet. “

“Trump has so far called on Christian Broadcasting Network and Townhall—he’s only called on conservative outlets for the last three pressers.”Yesterday a fearless President Trump went right into the mainstream media rat’s nest to take them on, right on their own home turf, where he conducted with aplomb and poise what Sarah Palin calls “The Trumpening”.Calling them out on their hypocrisy and branding CNN forever as “Very Fake News”, Trump won the day when he said:“Look, I want to see an honest press.

When I started off today by saying that it’s so important to the public to get an honest the press. The public doesn’t believe you people anymore. Now maybe I had something to do with that, I don’t know. But they don’t believe you. If you were straight and really told it like it is, as Howard Cosell used to say, right?

Of course he had some questions also. But if you were straight, I would be your biggest booster. I would be your biggest fan in the world, including bad stories about me.“But if you go, as an example you’re CNN, I mean, it’s story after story after story is bad. I won. I won. And the other thing, chaos. There’s zero chaos. We are running — this is a fine-tuned machine.

And Reince happens to be doing a good job, but half of his job is putting out lies by the press. You know, I said to him yesterday, you know, this whole Russia scam that you guys are building so that you don’t talk about the real subject which is illegal leaks, but I watched him yesterday working so hard to try and get that story proper, and I’m saying here’s my chief of staff, a really good guy, did a phenomenal job at RNC — won the election, right? Won the presidency.

We got some senators, we got some — all over the country, you take a look, he’s done a great job. But I said to myself, you know, and I said to somebody that was in there, I said you take a look Reince, he’s working so hard just putting out fires that are fake fires. I mean, they’re fake. They’re not true.”Speaking before the press conference, Jim Acosta, senior White House correspondent for CNN, told the news channel “the fix is in”. (Independent)“

This President does not want to answer critical questions about his associates, his aides’ contacts with the Russians during the course of that campaign, just as his national security adviser is being run out of this White House on a rail,” he said. “

They may think this is being cute, or they think this is strategic in terms of trying to shield the President from questions, but those questions can only be shielded for so long.”…………..


Source: According to Fake News purveyors, President Trump and not Obama divided America | Canada Free Press


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