Donald Trump’s children are not their father – so stop bullying them

Donald Trump’s children are not their father – so stop bullying them
International Business Times ^ | 2/17/17 | Cassandra Fairbanks

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It appears that Tiffany Trump became the target of hypocritical bullies at Philipp Plein’s New York Fashion Week show on Monday. During the show, Alyssa Vingan Klein, editor-in-chief of, had tweeted that “no editors want to sit near Tiffany Trump. SHOCKER.” Nikki Ogunnaike, senior editor at Elle, responded to the tweet saying that she herself had moved. Ogunnaike also tweeted that the show started late due to fashion designers “fleeing” to avoid sitting next to the First Daughter.

In case petulant fashion editors shunning and shaming the 23-year-old woman wasn’t enough, Wall Street Journal columnist and fashion writer Christina Binkley channeled her inner mean-girl, in a “you can’t sit with us” moment – tweeting photos of Tiffany and the empty seats, also declaring that nobody wants to sit next to her.

Though Binkley has attempted to backpedal following the backlash, and now claims that the seats were unoccupied for less than two minutes, her mockery was itself a form of bullying and cruelty.

The hypocrisy of this public shaming is obvious. Fashion editors, who fill their magazine pages with stories of female empowerment, shunned a woman over the actions of her father. It should not need to be said, in 2017, that a woman’s worth is not dependent on the men in her life.

Tiffany, unlike some of her siblings, has even rejected attention over her father’s presidency. She has stayed out of the limelight and has not advocated for his policies or taken a role in the White House. She has done absolutely nothing to warrant being cast as a social pariah.

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Source: Donald Trump’s children are not their father – so stop bullying them


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