Pastor Denies Israel’s Biblical Identity – Angers Flock –

Pastor Denies Israel’s Biblical Identity – Angers Flock

February 16, 2017″The entire faith system of many professing Christians depends on their allegiance to the modern State of Israel. These Christian Zionists might recite a pledge of allegiance to the United States of America, but their true allegiance is to the State of Israel.”

Chuck Baldwin, left, writes:”With all of the controversial positions I have taken over my forty-plus years in the ministry, I have NEVER received the hate-filled opposition I am receiving right now because of my position that the modern State of Israel is NOT the Israel of the Bible or the “Israel of God.” (Galatians 6:16)

That position is NOT based on racism or prejudice or anything of the kind. It is based strictly on my study and understanding of the Holy Scriptures.”A Reader writes: “Chuck Baldwin is just beginning to experience the “spirit of murder” that lurks behind and fuels Christian Zionism!

D.T. aligned himself with these people during his entire campaign.  Woe to him if he ever betrays them.  I have lived around Zionist and Evangelical Christians much of my life….and have been deserted and hated by many, including close friends.  If you do not ascribe to every jot and tittle of their mind control program, you are not welcome in their Club.    Pointing out contradictions and flaws in their beliefs is a no-no.  End time prophecy, the rapture and the second coming all depend upon the State of Israel.

If the lie is uncovered, Evangelical and Zionist Christianity will collapse.”Is Netanyahu Finished?by Chuck Baldwin(Abridged by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is one of the most corrupt political leaders on the planet.

He is also one of the most heavily financed political leaders on the planet.In spite of his billionaire friends and supporters, however, he is facing almost certain political destruction. His many crimes are being intensely investigated by Israeli authorities.

The only reason he hasn’t been removed from office already is due to the immense political and financial support he has from bankers, casino owners, land developers, etc., from other countries–especially in the United States.But it is doubtful that Bibi will be able to tread water much longer.

It appears that his political demise is inevitable. And you haven’t heard a word about it from the controlled mainstream media in the U.S., have you? Of course not. The men who own the mainstream media are among Bibi’s largest contributors……………


Source: Pastor Denies Israel’s Biblical Identity – Angers Flock –


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