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…..Many in the liberty movement are standing aghast at the state of things today, not at the tortures and the black-bag ops and the imperialism and the human rights violations and the bald-faced open aggression of this government against humans domestic and abroad, but at the complete lack of popular action against it.

Oh sure, the normal groups are humming along, printing websites and collecting donations and getting thrown in jail for the weekend, but many seem to be genuinely flummoxed that there can be so much tinder and so many sparks, and not a single flame blooming across the culture like a scarlet flower on a warm summer morning.

Unlike the politicians, we have underestimated the American capacity for apathy. There is precedent for this apathy. It is our most favored example of Governments Gone Awry.

The Nazi (and here I Godwin my own article) regime did in ten years what the American government is only now approaching after 60 years of political frog-boiling. In ten years the Nazis waged aggressive war on their political neighbors, their geographical neighbors, their racial neighbors, and their religious neighbors, took their businesses and placed them into fascist control, and tortured, mutilated and burned their own citizens in their back yards.

A mere ten years of social conditioning, and the apathy of the German people allowed this to occur. And while there were undergrounds and secret groups working against the Nazi government, there was no popular uprising.

All the horrors of the Nazi program were not enough to jar the German people into action away from their broken radios and phonographs.And today, Americans have six times the practice at apathy, with 160 channels to Tivo and a hundred different beers and circuses of every shape and style imaginable. Humiliation is public sport ranging from the seediest ‘reality’ broadcasts right through to food preparation. They stare at the TV and wax poetic about how, “Aw’d never be cawt DED on one o’ them showz!” while secretly thinking they could insult Simon into speechlessness if only they could get on.No, folks, there is no tearing (or tearing) away the eyes of this America from their idiot box, and they wouldn’t dare risk their cell phone bars.

Rome did not fall to the Romans. The Nazis were not defeated by Germans. The sole example of genuine popular uprising and destruction of government is the French Revolution, which soon fell to Napoleon, who did not abdicate to any Frenchman. Indeed, the Constitution itself was not an act of popular demand.

The Second Revolutionaries of Washington, Paine and Hancock, et al met in secret, and spent years brokering the political deals to eclipse the Articles of Confederation; politicians overthrowing politicians in a new country’s elimination rounds……………..


Source: The Revolution Will Not Be American | Strike-The-Root: A Journal Of Liberty



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