(Progressives and the media will do everything in their power to undo Trump with their shadow government. It will be amazing if he finishes out even one term before they render him impotent at the 2018 mid-term, impeach him ….. or he is killed.)  ~  Ron Ewart — What’s In Trump’s Little Black Box?


………..The truth is, Donald Trump has lived a highly privileged, upper crust life, all of his life. Like most silver spoons, he is used to getting his way. His second wife, Marla Maples, said Trump thinks of himself as a King. Yes, he’s been married three times but being a successful silver spoon-business tycoon and a ladies man shouldn’t, in itself, disqualify him from becoming president.

Many wealthy people have become president, FDR being one of them. Bill Clinton was the consummate ladies man.But not all was peaches and cream for the Donald. In 1973 the U. S. Justice Department Civil Rights Division filed a civil suit against the Trump Organization, now under the Donald’s control, charging that the company refused to rent to Blacks. In any event, a settlement was reached between the Trump Organization and the Justice Department that required Trump to list all vacancies with the Urban League and advertise them in minority papers. (Trump is quite used to lawsuits as the records show he has been involved in over 3,500 of them in the last three decades.)In spite of being targeted by the Justice Department, the Trump Organization has become a worldwide, multi-billion dollar company under Donald Trump’s direction and has made Donald, now 70, a multi-billionaire in his own right. The Trump Organization has provided jobs and incomes for thousands of people of all ages, races and gender. He must be doing something right. Yes, some of his Atlantic City ventures went bust, but the real estate business always has been and always will be highly risky and prone to down turns and business reversals from market disruptions, competition, rising interest rates and unsustainable debt.Nevertheless, no matter how powerful Donald Trump thinks he is, he is up against something even more powerful than himself.

Trump is up against what most conservatives are up against, “The System”. We describe “The System” in an article entitled, “The System – Impenetrable, Inflexible and Un-Yielding” as follows:”The ‘System’ is an intertwined entanglement of interlocking national and international interests of commerce, finance and trade, accompanied by government enablers of the ‘System’ in the executive, judicial and legislative branches ….. and bureaucrats.

The tentacles of one interest are inextricably interwoven into the tentacles of all the other interests. Finding out what drives one, leads to a complex maze of closed doors, backrooms, deep subterranean caverns and secret meetings. All the sources are purposely hidden and camouflaged. Traces to find the truth go down dead end paths, or are blocked by impenetrable obstacles. Sources of the ‘System’s’ power are elusive and they are anything but constitutional.””Examples of the ‘System’ include unions, socialists, environmentalists, central bankers and the broad category of government, at every level. They drive America’s institutions and public education (or should we say indoctrination) ‘Systems.’

Attorneys, judges, court clerks, the ABA and tens of thousands of local, state and federal rules, drive the judicial ‘System’, such that if true justice ever finds a court, it will have become a worldwide miracle.”Ninety percent of “The System’s” core contains the elements of global socialism, communism and Progressivism, driven by the financial motives and greed of the global elite.

In America, the largest element in “The System” is Progressivism, which is just a different name for socialism and communism.Astoundingly, after losing the election to Trump, the Progressives are moving even further left, with the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and two other far-left lunatics who are vying to become the head of the Democrat National Committee (DNC). (Perez won)

The 2016 election was a repudiation of Progressive policies and yet the Democrat’s answer is to move farther left. The word insanity comes to mind.

Unfortunately, until the arrival of Reagan and now Donald Trump, Republicans and conservatives have been giving in to Progressives for so many years Progressives believe in their heart of hearts that they own America.

Their weapon of choice is irrational compassion and they beat conservatives over the head with it. That is why there has been and will continue to be, massive push back against the Trump agenda, for as long as he is in office.

Progressives and the media will do everything in their power to undo Trump with their shadow government. It will be amazing if he finishes out even one term before they render him impotent at the 2018 mid-term, impeach him ….. or he is killed.

But conservatives get what they deserve because they have been giving into Progressives for over 100 years. If you never draw a line in the sand, the line……………………..


Source: Ron Ewart — What’s In Trump’s Little Black Box?


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