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Threats: WWRY:

We Will Replace You


Left-wing group to Democrats:

Don’t even meet with Trump, or else

By Herman Cain

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I understand that the Democrats are the opposition party. I think President Trump’s agenda for the nation is excellent, and supporting it is the right thing to do. But I know they are liberals and they have different ideas.

Often they are going to disagree just because they think differently. That’s the nature of opposition parties.But it’s also the nature of opposition parties that you listen, that you find common ground where it’s possible, and you work together when you can. We disagree on a lot, but surely we agree on some things.

There is such a thing as bipartisan action, and it takes place when parties can find common ground. It doesn’t sound like we’re going to see much of that during the Trump Administration, because congressional Democrats are apparently under orders from the left-wing group We Will Replace You (WWRY) to engage in all-out, total obstruction of everything Trump wants to do – even to the point that they will be punished if they meet with the administration or try to seek common ground.It’s all-out war. Nothing less. WWRY now believes the only way for Democrats to go is to obstruct everything, all the time, regardless of what it is – as long as Trump supports it.Now, if they want to go this route, the Republican majority can still pass Trump’s agenda.

Majorities can do that. It might require some maneuvering around the Senate filibuster at times, or if things get bad enough, it might require the elimination of the filibuster altogether. That would be a very extreme move, but then, opposing everything just for the sake of opposing it is kind of an extreme position as well.

There’s something to be said for protecting the rights of the minority, but if the minority is going to do nothing but bang its fists, stomp its feet and demand that everything stop, then the majority has to put the business of the people ahead of their little fits of rage.I’m sure a liberal reading this could bring up all the Republican opposition to the previous president. I am not saying they supported his policies for the most part.

They did not. And I’m glad they did not. I didn’t want them to. But they were willing to talk. They were willing to seek common ground, even if they didn’t find it very often. And they were not under orders from some activist group to never even talk to the president.

They were not under orders to obstruct everything just for the sake of obstruction.Democrats and their media spokespeople complain a lot about how “divided” the country is (as if it wasn’t divided five months ago). Healing divisions requires the finding of common ground.

If Democrats refuse to even try to do that, we can expect the division to continue for the foreseeable future. And we know exactly who to hold responsible for it…………….


Source: Left-wing group to Democrats: Don’t even meet with Trump, or else | Canada Free Press


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