The “Trump” Wiretap Non-Denials

The “Trump” Wiretap Non-DenialsVanity | March 6, 2017 | Behind the Blue Wall Posted on 3/6/2017, 11:57:31 PM by Behind the Blue WallThere’s obviously a lot of fog surrounding this Trump wiretap thing, but I think I might have an understanding of things that could shed some light. Trump set this off by saying that Trump Tower was wiretapped. It’s classic Trumpian imprecision, right on the edge of what’s known and not known, but phrased in such a way that the process of proving him “wrong” makes his point far stronger than he ever could.In this case, his Tweet is immediately met with denials from all the usual suspects — former Obama Administration officials, mainstream media. You all can peruse the various statements, but they all basically boil down to, “Trump was not the subject of a wiretap.”But if you consider the law as it relates to the federal surveillance of U.S. citizens and foreigners, you begin to understand the nature of this evasive denial. To sum it up, it’s exceedingly difficult to conduct surveillance on a U.S. citizen, and exceedingly easy to conduct surveillance on foreigners.

As well it should be.So the obvious conclusion is that the Obama Administration was conducting surveillance directed at Russians who might be seeking to collude with the Trump campaign to influence the election. Everyone knows this, but the key question is how would you do that? Option A:

intercept the communications of every Russian citizen hoping to find the ones who might be trying to interfere with the U.S. election, or Option B: intercept all communications coming into and out of Trump Tower hoping to find the ones evidencing collusion with the Russians. You tell me which one is more likely to be fruitful?But here’s where it gets interesting. Given the bright line between surveillance of U.S. citizens versus surveillance of foreigners, what happens when surveillance of foreigners inadvertently surfaces U.S. citizens in those communications?

Here, FISA is also crystal clear for a very good reason: any data pertaining to U.S. citizens that inadvertently shows up in the surveillance of foreigners must be immediately segregated, deleted, forgotten, etc, etc.If there’s anything that is absolutely certain in this entire affair, it’s that however the data about the Trump campaign’s alleged contacts with Russia was obtained, it definitely was not segregated, deleted, forgotten. In fact, Obama affirmatively acted to spread those communications as far and wide as possible, and then they were predictably and illegally leaked to the media, who then trumpeted them all over the planet.

So I suspect that Trump that magnificent bastard has trapped his opponents once again: the more they argue that he wasn’t the subject of a wiretap (and let’s assume that he wasn’t), the harder it will be explain why the data that was apparently inadvertently obtained via legitimate wiretapping of foreigners was spread as far and wide as it has been. Multiple felonies all around, and it’s hard to see how it doesn’t end up all the way at the top……………….

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