How the media are acting as Obama’s defense lawyers in the Trump wiretap matter | Canada Free Press

If the Obama Justice Department used a weak legal pretext to justify surveillance against Trump, that is a gigantic scandalHow the media are acting as Obama’s defense lawyers in the Trump wiretap matter

By Dan Calabrese

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When you follow any ongoing news story, especially one with Donald Trump at the middle of it, it’s important to recognize patterns the media will use in establishing narratives. They will never officially tell you in a story that they’re assuming a position that’s oppositional to Trump, but you call tell whose side their on by comparing their language to what a lawyer would use in a courtroom.

Since Trump tweeted his accusation that Obama had Trump Tower wiretapped, just about every media story on the matter (and most of the headlines) have used the phrase “without evidence” to describe Trump’s claim. Why is that noteworthy? Isn’t evidence important? Sure it is. But in all the years the media have been attributing statements to politicians in news stories, when did they start telling us on every single occasion if the politician provided “evidence”. When Barack Obama claimed that voter fraud is rare, did they tell us he did so “without evidence”?

Because he did. But they didn’t say that. When Hillary claimed she had turned over all her work-related e-mails, did they report this statement as having been offered “without evidence”? Because it was. In fact, there was plenty of evidence that it was false. But all they did was report and attribute the statement. A matter of their minimum responsibility, that’s all they’re required to do. They don’t have to tell us Hillary’s statement is true or false.

They just have to tell us it came from her, and we can decide whether we believe it or not.But when Trump makes a statement, the media’s standard is totally different. They will either claim he spoke without evidence to back up his statement, or they will come right out and call his statement false.

And in the case of the Trump Tower wiretap matter, they are acting as Obama’s lawyers. Consider the following passage from a story published today by CNN:Trump created an uproar when he took to Twitter on Saturday to declare, without evidence, that Obama had the “wires tapped” in Trump Tower ahead of the election.

The White House has declined to substantiate the President’s claims, and a White House official told CNN that the theory reached Trump due to a Brietbart article circulating in the West Wing.White House press secretary Sean Spicer, speaking at the White House on Monday, did not offer evidence to back up the claims, but doubled-down, saying, “There’s no question that something happened.”…………….


Source: How the media are acting as Obama’s defense lawyers in the Trump wiretap matter | Canada Free Press


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