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Watergate was physical break-in at a Campaign HQA president was impeached and thrown out of office for it because they said he had to have known about it.

Trump Towers was a cyber break-in at a Campaign HQA former president who cannot be impeached was celebrated instead, because he said he could not have known about it.

His party backing his narratives and enabling the felonies committed based on speculation and hope, a fishing expedition to find criminality where none existed, went into denial mode and blamed Vladimir Putin or whomever they can cite for that day, for the cyber break in at Trump Towers, from which, even after FISA warrants, no evidence of criminality or influence had been uncovered. After months of speculation and unsubstantiated charges to this day, the diabolical narratives we hear repeated daily on CNN, MSNBC, the New York Times and WashPo to turn the public against lawful governance, there’s not a SINGLE shred of evidence linking Donald Trump or his associates, or even the Russians, to fixing the election in Trump’s favor, or violating American democracy.Factually, the ONLY Americans who violated democracy and the people’s freedom and obstructed the people’s will were the former president and his associates and cronies. Inasmuch their wiretapping efforts on specious grounds and warrants granted on the president’s behalf or orders giving him cover, was disclosed on election day by the very same New York Times and their media mates who today deny it ever happened. Just as they continue their FAKE NEWS narratives in their disingenuous War on Donald Trump and the People of these United States who want a functioning government – the very reason they had elected this president.

Andrew McCarthy on the denials given by former President Obama:“Not taking no for an answer, the Obama Justice Department evidently returned to the FISA court in October 2016, the critical final weeks of the presidential campaign. This time, the Justice Department submitted a narrowly tailored application that did not mention Trump. The court apparently granted it, authorizing surveillance of some Trump associates.First, as Obama officials well know, under the FISA process, it is technically the FISA court that “orders” surveillance. And by statute, it is the Justice Department, not the White House, that represents the government in proceedings before the FISA court.

So, the issue is not whether Obama or some member of his White House staff “ordered” surveillance of Trump and his associates. The issues are (a) whether the Obama Justice Department sought such surveillance authorization from the FISA court, and (b) whether, if the Justice Department did that, the White House was aware of or complicit in the decision to do so.

Personally, given the explosive and controversial nature of the surveillance request we are talking about—an application to wiretap the presidential candidate of the opposition party, and some of his associates, during the heat of the presidential campaign, based on the allegation that the candidate and his associates were acting as Russian agents—it seems to me that there is less than zero chance that could have happened without consultation between the Justice Department and the White House.”……………….


Source: Felonious Assault | Canada Free Press


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