Lots of congressional swamp dwellers and citizens alike are entirely missing the point re: REPEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Skip to comments.Lots of congressional swamp dwellers and citizens alike are entirely missing the point re: REPEAL!March 12, 2017 | Jim Robinson Posted on 3/12/2017, 8:10:11 AM by Jim RobinsonA whole lot of congressional swamp dwellers and citizens alike are entirely missing the point regarding a complete and final repeal of Obamacare. How soon they forget the outrage of we the people……..

when Obamacare was forced down our throats and then a redoubling of that outrage when Chief Justice Roberts failed to uphold the constitution and toss it out. Have they forgotten why the tea party sprang up and why we drove out packs of rats and herds of RINOs in the last several election cycles?We the self-sufficient free citizens of America do not want a federal takeover of our healthcare system! Period!

We want Obamacare fully repealed and the government out of it, forever!! It doesn’t matter how “great” a system Ryan and company may design, it’s a government system and it leaves the door wide open for the next congress and the next administration to screw it and us up royal!Repeal every damn steenking word of it and drive a constitutional stake through its heart so it can never rise again!That’s why we elected Republican majorities and a Republican president! To dump Obamacare and scrap any and all federal roadblocks to private companies competing and designing health care programs that our citizens can willingly purchase (or not purchase) on our own without government interference!

No government controls over what must be included in any policy. For example, if the industry learns that there is a market for low cost policies with high deductibles and no coverage requirements for abortion, birth control, gender change, pediatrics, routine office visits, etc, ie, the customers are interested in INSURANCE not a full service plan, then they will provide it and plans tailored like this to meet customer actual needs will insure more people and will keep overall costs down in the long run.Americans do not want and have never wanted cradle-to-grave government protection or control over our lives. We’ve known for a long time that the less government there is, the better off we are. Thus the American concept of LIMITED government.Our constitution clearly reserves governance of health insurance policies, private contracts, health care providers, etc, to the states and the people. Congress must get out and stay OUT!!And that means providing for poor people too. Our federal government was never intended to be a provider for the poor. If the people wish their local and state governments to provide hospitals, clinics, doctors and or insurance plans for the poor, that’s their business, but none of the fed’s. Our constitutional limits on the federal government forbids it.

Again, we do not want our congressional representatives interfering in our private health care systems. Period!Repeal Obamacare and be done with it! If any other federal roadblocks to free markets can be removed, allowing competition over state lines, for example, go for it!But otherwise no federal control or meddling!Set our people and our markets free!!………………………..


Source: Lots of congressional swamp dwellers and citizens alike are entirely missing the point re: REPEAL!


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