(Vanity) Obama lays low, as obscurity overtakes the failed POTUS!!!

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My….Oh, Well….Ex-Failed-POTUS, Barack Hussein Obama, might yet surface as the continuing barking political dog, he so fervently promised us he would become….but…to this point in time, he hides in the shade and obscurity of his “walled-in” Washington, DC Mansion, with co-conspirator, low life, America Hater, Valerie Jarrett, with nary a peep from his mouth, just the backstabbing by his appointed surrogates upon his successor, POTUS, Donald J. Trump!!!I did predict that Obama would tumble into the well deserved cesspool of forever obscurity…..but, he may yet try to surface and grab hold of the leadership of the failing Democrat Party. That move, if it happens will bring forth the complete destruction of the Democrat Party. Face it…folks, Barack Hussein Obama and Hillary Clinton are the “POLITICAL” death knell of the political, Democrat Party!!!If there is a sane, common-sense, living Democrat that thinks otherwise…..then the Democrat Party is headed for the history books, as the failed political unit, it has become!!! Obama is not the one…never was and, never will be!!!

As for Hillary Clinton, wasting any verbage on that master loser is a no brainer!!! The Clintons…both of them are old, ugly, failed, and a total waste of humanity!!!

Source: (Vanity) Obama lays low, as obscurity overtakes the failed POTUS!!!


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