The political dilution of the Trump administration Col Sellin PhD…Family Security Matters

I hope President Trump has not forgotten who elected him and why.

Here is a hint – people inside-the-Beltway did not elect you, Mr. President, and it wasn’t to maintain the status quo.In fact, despite what you might be hearing, Mr. President, the views of Stephen Bannon are probably closer to those of the people who elected you, than the inside-the-Beltway venomous habitants that are populating your administration in ever increasing numbers.

And, by the way, why is Obama political operative John Koskinen still head of the IRS?The removal of Bannon from his seat on the National Security Council (NSC) is illustrative, a restoration of the status quo ante and an example that the Trump Administration can benefit from on-the-job training.

That is, they have learned the art of inside-the-Beltway media spin, also known to ordinary Americans as disinformation.

Don’t get me wrong, I think the NSC should be non-political, but let’s not kid ourselves.

Bannon’s removal was a reaction to the Susan Rice scandal, that is,….


Source: Family Security Matters


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