American Resurrection

American Resurrection
American ^ | April 15, 2017 | David Prentice

Posted on 4/15/2017, 3:13:04 PM by Kaslin

Easter Week celebrates resurrection. It’s fitting that of all weeks, the signs of the American resurrection championed by Donald Trump are finally beginning to show. There is a book titled Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, Really Bad Day. Let’s change that to the left’s terrible, horrible, really bad week, because an American resurrection is happening.

The week started with the swearing in of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. This portends a potentially sane court policy for years. Another ideological leftist on the court would have been a disaster. Instead, we have a stabilizing, common sense, intellectually clear judge to countermand the court’s drift to the left. It means we still have a reasonable shot at holding on to being a country of laws, rather than a country of cool personalities with bad ideas. We no longer need to fear the lack of constitutional authority. That’s a big deal. Equally big is how the foolish Democrats tried to filibuster his nomination and lost. This means that the next good Supreme Court nomination by Trump will also sail through. And the next if there is one.

Susan Rice has been unmasked as the unmasker. The revelations of what she did in the spying scandal will now take a front seat. These revelations will be investigated, as they are too big to hide, and the attempts by the prior administration and the deep state to undermine and defeat Trump have failed.

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