Boston Marathon Psy Op Four Years Later –

Boston Marathon Psy Op Four Years Later

April 14, 2017(left, Jewish-looking spectators nudge explosives under railing April 15, 2013.)

Tamerlane Tsarnaev had told a masseuse that he was “going with his company to run a drill, for security”. Obviously, he had been set up. Salman Hossein believes the false flag was perpetrated by Zionist Jews, who orchestrated the entire event through their assets in the pro-Israeli DHS entity.To Trump’s credit there hasn’t been a false flag on US soil since his election. [Editor’s note-

I would have no time for other things if I analyzed every false flag. I leave this for people like Salman who provides many hard-to-find links with this story.]by Salman Hossein(

As I reported back in April 2013, the Israelis and local American Jews framed the Tsarnaev brothers for the Boston bombing hoax in which nobody really died. With the fourth anniversary of the 2013 Boston Bombing “hoax” Saturday, we have a case study of Jewish vengeance unleashed against gentiles. (Notice that in the aftermath of the explosion none of the two women and elderly Jewish man (above) are anywhere near the barricade where the brown bag with the bomb were planted.)

Even though the evidence is crystal clear that the Tsarnaev brothers were running a “terrorism” drill setup by Kraft International and the main (((suspects))) caught on CCTV just happen to look like (((JDL terrorists))) tied in to Israeli intelligence, the motives behind the killing of two Chechen Muslims (Tamerlane Tsarnaev and Ibragim/Ibrahim Todashev) and the life imprisonment of a third (Dzokhar Tsarnaev among others including young Central Asian Muslim men who were tried and convicted on trumped up charges in kangaroo courts) only help expose the (((tribal nature))) exacting maximum vengeance on defenseless individuals…………………….


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