More Putin agent hype as Trump does the opposite | Canada Free Press

More Putin agent hype as Trump does the opposite

By Rolf Yungclas —— Bio and Archives April 16, 20172 Comments | Print This | Subscribe | Email UsIn the last week so-called “Russian puppet ruler” Donald Trump’s administration has:attacked the airbase of a Russian ally with 59 cruise missiles;worked to strengthen Russia’s 68 year-old adversary NATO by meeting with the NATO Secretary General and working to get the nation of Montenegro into NATO;

met with the President of China, one of Russia’s major competitors on the world stage;demolished Russia in several UN Security Council session debates US Ambassador Haley had with her Russian counterpart;chided Russia for their bad acts when the US Secretary of State said our relations with Russia were at a low point on his visit Moscow to see Putin and the Russian Premier. And still no evidence of Russia tampering with election results or giving orders to Trump associates to rig the election.Isn’t it convenient, then, how the Washington Post breaks a “new” story Wednesday about Carter Page right when the Democrats are in urgent need of shoring up their Trump-Putin collusion myth.It was LAST SUMMER when the FISA court OK’d surveillance on Carter Page and there still have been no charges against him or anyone else connected with the Trump campaign.No, New York Times, the current chilly relations with the US and Russia don’t represent a major about-face by Trump.

It represents the US finally taking its place among world powers after eight years of Barack Obama administration that appeased and accommodated forces who, to say the least, are working against US interests in the world.

Then on Fox News, Shepard Smith, a TV journalist with a history of hostility toward Donald Trump, pounced on the Carter Page news story. “I can’t think of anything much more damning than this,” said Smith on his Wednesday show. “This is just the beginning.”Shepherd, please! The beginning? After 8 months of investigation?Level-headed FoxNews chief intelligence correspondent Catherine Herridge then explained: “…court records allege that in 2013 Page passed energy records to a Russian intelligence operative. With a hint of………MORE!!!!!

Source: More Putin agent hype as Trump does the opposite | Canada Free Press

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