The media-hyped Impeach Donald Trump obits….. ~ By Judi McLeod | Canada Free Press

The media-hyped Impeach Donald Trump obits

By Judi McLeod

—— Bio and Archives April 18, 20170 Comments | Print This | Subscribe | Email UsYou gotta’ dig deep down into the bag of spittle-flecked spite to use the obits of the dead to keep the burner under Trump hatred aflame.The dead don’t speak but their friends and relations , who blab, can fine tune their last words without fear of fact-checking or retribution.

Telling the dying that President Donald Trump has been impeached seems to be growing into a cottage industry, if not a macabre cult as far as some news outlets are concerned.

Take Jesse Ferreras of who borrowed the obit of one Michael Garland Elliott from The Oregonian— and keep him, PLEASE!Teresa, 68, who divorced Michael some 20 years ago but continued on in his life as his “best friend”, said she told her ex on his death bed that Trump was impeached over the phone from her Austin, Texas home.

“I knew it was his very, very last moments,” Teresa Elliott told The Daily News. “I knew that would bring him comfort and it did. He then took his final breath.” (Globe and Mail, April 18, 2017)“What kind of news is this? Except another way/form of Trump bashing,” asked Canada Free Press letter writer, ‘Captain Bill’ after reading the Elliot obit.Good question, Captain Bill.  “What kind of news IS this?”It’s the kind of “news” that purports to take President Donald Trump hatred all the way to the grave and beyond, leaving the surrealistic spectre of ghostly activists pumping for impeachment all the way from Eternity. It’s the kind of “news” that seeks to make those among the living believe that the dying, aware that their own death is imminent,  don’t think of their Creator or even their loved ones in their last gasping breaths, but only of their undying hatred of Donald Trump.How reasonable is it to think that someone who spent an entire lifetime among family and friends would be thinking on their very death beds of Donald J. Trump?

Isn’t it the living, the Sob Sisters and Boo Hoo Brothers of a far left media who want the masses to think hating on your way out the door is the best way to go?A dying man was told Donald Trump was impeached. Then he ‘passed away peacefully’Jesse FerrerasOne of the last things that Michael Garland Elliott ever heard was that U.S. President Donald Trump had been impeached.“

He hadn’t. But just hearing it was enough for Elliott to take a “final, gentle breath,” and for his earthly work to be concluded, said an obituary published in The Oregonian newspaper.“Elliott died on April 6, “surrounded by people who loved him dearly and cared for him selflessly during the last months of his life.”…………MORE!!!

Source: The media-hyped Impeach Donald Trump obits | Canada Free Press

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