The Stage Is Being Set For War!

The Stage Is Being Set For War!
George Eaton, the Priority Report ^ | 4/10/17 | George Eaton

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The Stage is being set for war

~~The stage is being set for wars, and this is not an option for the controllers to have war or not have a war.

They need it because they are behind schedule due to the fact it didn’t get started under the Obama administration.

They have exhausted all of their tricks to keep the economic and financial world afloat until now.

They must now go forward with wars or the system will collapse around them and they may lose their stranglehold of power.

Keep in mind that many of the countries that are being targeted with conflicts are those that refused to allow Rothschild banks and owe nothing or nearly nothing in national debts. The three that come to mind are Russia, Syria, and Libya. If that spirit of independence is allowed to spread to other nations, the bankers will lose their global control.

They consider this spirit of independence away from the banks as a disease, a contagion that much be nipped in the bud.

This is why they built up NATO forces in Europe for an eventual conflict with Russia, and have done the same thing around Syria and North Korea. It is going to be a very busy year for military confrontations.

We must realize the situation with North Korea is totally different than Syria and Russia. North Korea has been a rogue state run by a dynasty of tyranny for decades. It is beyond the control of China and they consider it an embarrassment and a loose cannon on deck.

This is why they are not 100% opposed to Trump taking that country down. It is long over due, and it is quite surprising it wasn’t done many years ago. Once North Korea is dealt with world opinion for global control of rogue nations will soar. It will set a pattern for future wars and a New World Order patriotism will emerge.

What most of the public has not been aware of is the mentality change in the war college think tanks after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Up until that point we were involved in a cold war with the communist Soviet Union.

But when Reagan made agreements with them it started a process of change between the two super powers, and the cold war started to thaw out. The eventual collapse changed the environment and chemistry between the two nations. In time they gave more rights back to the people and de-communized their nation towards a democracy and free enterprise system.

During that time the war college experts started to see an opportunity to take over the world with one super power in control – using the US as the military arm and eventually morph it into a United Nations type global government.

They felt that if they didn’t take charge and exercise their power they were foolishly wasting an opportunity for control since their was a power vacuum after the collapse of the soviets. These ideas made their way to politicians, the military and the globalists.

Then the word went out through the chain of command to go for the brass ring and establish the long sought after New World Order. This is what was discussed by the first George Bush, and when his son became president he continued that same policy in the Middle East.

The rise of ISIS and the jihadists was by design to help sow chaos between nations and then overthrow them. The destruction of Iraq, Libya and Syria was all by design, it was not an accident. The invasion of refugees into Europe was also by design to destroy nationalism and bring chaos. I have read the documents of the conspirators that state these things openly.

To understand these things a person has to look at the motive behind what is going on. They must discover who benefits and what is the goal behind these actions.

You follow the money, follow the political rhetoric and then you can see the entire plan laid out in front of you. But knowing about it doesn’t mean we can change it or stop it from happening. We must realize our limitations and understand that some things are beyond our power to change.

The conspirators for globalism, the wealthy elite, have a system set up that protects them. It is a chain of command where the people under them, the gatekeepers, are well paid to control politicians, the news media, the education system and all facets of society.

The gatekeepers are “yes men” that have a vested interest in follow orders and making sure the New World Order is being established efficiently and on time. A good example of them would be politicians like the Clintons, Obama, John McCain and Lindsey Graham to name a few.

The gatekeepers are passionate about what they believe in and what they do – and they should be because they are well paid for their performance. They will even resort to blackmail, bribery, coercion and murder to get what they want.

The employees below the gatekeepers are only told so much, so they are kept in line and also have a level of loyalty and passion for doing what they are told is “best for society”. Only the gatekeepers and the conspirators above them know exactly how ruthless their plans are to achieve their agenda.

So when you are talking with a socialist protestor or a professor at college, or the many ultra liberal citizens, you are not talking to the gatekeepers, you are instead only talking to the misled and deceived lower masses that have swallowed the lies. They won’t wake up until it is too late.

The system is rigged against us. Our best strategy is to prepare for an eventual collapse, wake up those who will listen and allow the system to collapse on itself without taking us down with it. Later those that survive the chaos can re-establish the Constitutional Republic.

I believe what we face in the near term is a huge shock to our “normal” way of life. I believe that there is a high possibility we will be hit with a nuke in a US city.

The conspirators want to see how well they can allow a country to absorb a nuclear hit. It is part of their practice for more dangerous confrontations.

They learn from it and then determine how much chaos and destruction they can absorb again without disrupting society too much.

They are creating chaos and then rebuild the order in society over and over again, until they achieve their final goal of complete control over the masses.

It is a process of herding the masses like so much cattle to the final cattle pen of control. It is obvious they do not intend the world to continue its population growth at the current rate. There are only so many possibilities they are banking on to reverse global population growth:

•Wide spread birth control over the next generation or two



With wars they get a bonus from the growth of the military industrial complex and it sparks the economy higher. They do not feel that people world wide will be interested in self-control regarding birth control, so they will force other options on them to eliminate billions. They may even spray the masses with birth control chemicals or put it in their food and water.

Over 1 million have died in the last 10 years in the Middle East alone. This is considered a great success, and was done while the rest of the world sat back and did nothing about it. They will apply that same program on other locations for the same results.

What we are witnessing is the slow boiling of the water that the frog is floating in. If the water was heated too quickly the frog would have jumped out of the cooking pan.

But the frog, like us, gets acclimated to the warmer temperature and shakes it off as merely a bit uncomfortable. Before he realizes it he is too hot to have the strength to jump out.

In the same way the masses adjust themselves to the chaos around them and get used to the “new normal” of conflict.

The major battles are compartmentalized away from the other nations so that they don’t feel the same discomfort and pain the people in the affected nations feel. It is a slow process done on purpose so that the masses do not rise up and stop what is going on.

Before long the conflict comes to their own land and then the same process of adjustment takes place. We are also being accustomed to a lower standard of living, lower wages, more working hours and higher unemployment.

Again, the key that the conspirators employ is making sure the people don’t wake up too soon and resist what is happening to them.

Each nation and conflict is compartmentalized from each other so they don’t share information and draw an indelible, life changing conclusion that they have been attacked by an enemy.

It is an unknown enemy to them – that quietly, secretly attacks their nation, culture and lifestyle. Which just happens to be the same enemy of mankind world wide – the international bankers and globalists. George Eaton……………..

Source: The Stage Is Being Set For War!


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