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False Flag? And Was Trump Baited?Apr 18, 2017 Read More Articles by Steven Yates

As everyone not in a cave since the start of the month knows, on April 4 the Syrian town of Khan Sheikhoun, in the northern province of Idlib, suffered a chemical weapons attack. Over 80 people were killed, at least 25 of them children, with dozens more incapacitated by deadly sarin gas.Syrian president Bashar al-Assad drew immediate blame for the attack, which would have violated international agreements. Assad’s denial of responsibility went unbelieved in Western media.

Also dismissed out of hand was Russia’s suggestion that a conventional air strike hit a warehouse containing chemical weapons possessed by the insurgents the Assad regime has been fighting. This was all prior to any significant investigation into what really happened, something admittedly difficult under the present circumstances.Early Friday morning Syrian time, April 7, President Trump ordered an assault during which 59 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles launched from the USS Ross and the USS Porter took out the larger portion of the Shayrat air field and nearby military infrastructure at Homs, destroying more than two dozen Syrian aircraft (over 20 percent of Syria’s air force).

Here is Trump’s defense of the action. There are accounts of how Trump was moved to reverse his hands-off-Syria policy by such scenes as a distraught father holding his two dead children, twins, and Syrian children struggling to breathe.Such scenes have great emotional power but do not tell us what really happened, or who was responsible. This should be common horse sense. It is a telling sign of the times that Trump received more praise for this action than anything else he’s done to date.Many of us have questions, however.The first thought that went through my mind when I read about the attack and Assad’s being blamed for it was: why on Earth would he do something so stupid?Assad has struggled since 2011, the year the Syrian civil war began. He was blamed for a major chemical weapons attack in a major Damascus suburb on August, 2013, one which killed over a thousand Syrians. He denied involvement, blaming rebels who also had chemical weapons.

No decisive proof was ever presented of Assad’s responsibility. He was ordered to turn over his stockpile of chemical weapons to the UN and claimed to have done just that. Some of us were open to the idea that that Damascus attack was a false flag, carried out with tacit U.S. approval if not actual assistance, designed to discredit the Assad regime as a prelude to his being ousted from power via a U.S.-led invasion. Donald Trump was among those who criticized Obama administration  overtures against the Assad regime following that incident. The U.S. has been involved in covertly arming and training Syrian rebels at least since 2012.

Russia has been bombing strategic rebel strongholds since 2015.The intelligence community blames Assad for the April 4 incident. Do I need to remind readers, this is the same intelligence community that claimed to have evidence, undisclosed and traceable only to anonymous sources, that some in Trump’s campaign staff were involved with and might have been colluding with the Russians last year, and that it was the Russians who hacked the DNC. The intelligence community appears to have been playing its assigned role, trying to undercut the new administration’s legitimacy.

Trump’s trusting them now thus also makes little sense, unless someone powerful — maybe more than one someone — had a private “chat” with him. I have no proof of this either, of course, but we are talking about people unlikely to leave paper trails, even electronic ones.Just recently after all, Trump administration officials had declared that Assad was not a priority. This was consistent with the America First stance Trump took during his candidacy last year and in his inauguration speech, but was not what powerful people wanted to hear.Subscribe To News With ViewsDaily Email AlertsNameEmail *

Could the latter have orchestrated the April 4 attack to lure a Donald Trump they know who goes off experience, not ideology, into changing his priorities (which have now flip-flopped on more other things than I can count)? A sarin gas attack did occur; others in Syria besides Assad’s government have access to such weapons; those others have received covert assistance from the U.S. They may not be able to make chemical weapons, as some…………..

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