Psychological Warfare Is Very Important At The Peak Of A Standoff.

Psychological Warfare Is Very Important At The Peak Of A Standoff.
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Posted on 4/19/2017, 6:48:01 AM by davikkm

Where did the USS Carl Vinson or the “armada” that was “steaming” full speed ahead toward North Korea disappear to? As I was looking over the news I was shocked to read it was on its way to the Sea of Japan. That is exactly where Vice President Pence is today. Pence did a wonderful and honorable job in South Korea for the American people. He spoke directly to the Kim Dynasty when he said “all options were on the table.” The Kim Dynasty also includes Lil’Kim’s sister, who has as much influence in North Korea as Kim.

So President Trump spoke of his “armada steaming” toward the Country, and it was. However, Trump has said over and over again that he would not “telegraph” his intentions in making military decisions and moves. I used to wonder why the Obama Administration did that.

Cai Jian, an expert from the Center for Korean Studies at Fudan University in Shanghai, said the whole episode was part of an elaborate game of “psychological warfare or bluffing” by the United States. He argued that Washington never really intended to launch a military strike on North Korea right now.

“At the peak of the standoff, psychological warfare is very important,” he said.

Ross Babbage, a nonresident senior fellow at the Center for Strategic Budgetary Assessments, a Washington-based think tank that focuses on the military, said the move may be “military signaling” by the United States.

“It’s more than a bluff,” he said. “A bluff suggests you’re not serious. My understanding is that this U.S. administration is dead serious. It’s been 40 years of trying to get the North Koreans to back away from the nuclear weapons.”

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Source: Psychological Warfare Is Very Important At The Peak Of A Standoff.


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