Fox’s Pied Piper of Low information Voters  ~  Canada Free Press ^ | February 10, 2014 | Judi McLeod***************

Fox’s Pied Piper of Low information Voters
Canada Free Press ^ | February 10, 2014 | Judi McLeod

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Incredible how Fox News Corp. talking head Bill O’Reilly—America’s biggest, television talking head who’s out there professing “Obama’s not a bad guy”—thinks he can get away with ‘pin-heading’ John Boehner for “pandering to radio talk show hosts” on amnesty.

Guess bloviating Bill never takes the time to tune in to radio talk show hosts where John Boehner has been persona non grata for some time.

Boehner finds no comfortable quarters from radio talk show giants Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity or Mark Levin, who continue to castigate the guy who’s a dead ringer for the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz on their daily and nightly radio shows.

How can anybody who so openly panders to President Barack Obama by trying so hard to convince the world Obama’s not a bad guy, just someone “misunderstood” talk about the House Speaker “pandering” to talk radio show hosts who so effectively skewer him?

Unbridled jealousy on the part of The Bloviator is the only answer.

Bloviating Bill, who called out radio talk show hosts as “idiots” back in 2008, has been at it for a long time.

“Almost no one remembers Bill O’Reilly’s searing attack on Rush Limbaugh-style talk radio hosts in 2008. But it happened.

“These idiots,” the most popular conservative TV personality in America said. “I mean, they’re misleading you. They’re lying to you.” As he explained it, “most talk radio is conservative-dominated ideologues; Kool-Aid drinking idiots.” They’re rich guys with “big cigars,” he continued, causing many to believe he was singling out Limbaugh. “Walk away from these liars, these right-wing liars,” he warned. “Walk away from them! They’re not looking out for you.” (The Atlantic, June 3, 2013). “Looking out for you” O’Reilly style is repeatedly trying to convince the unwashed that Obama’s not a bad guy.

Gut instinct trumps Bill big time. Everyday people know that forcing the Fundamental Transformation of America could only come from a bad, and an even evil, guy.

Back in 2008, radio’s Mark Levin countered on The Bloviator’s bombast: “These blowhards.” “You get arrogant, stupid people who get paid a lot of money to be on radio and TV to be arrogant and stupid. And one of them … is on the Fox News Channel, my favorite cable channel. And he has a fledgling radio show that has no ratings, and he’ll be off radio soon because he’s a failure. It’s the non-factor: Bill O’Reilly.” He went on to call O’Reilly a “moron, phony journalist” who is “utterly unencumbered with information.”

The temper tantrum of the Bloviator after having to spike his radio remarks from that night’s television show as told by former Fox news staffer and tell-all book author Joe Muto is even more colorful:

“The cigar and private jet stuff was a thinly veiled swipe at Rush Limbaugh, someone O’Reilly has never liked, but also a figure who had a lot of fans at 1211 Sixth Avenue, including Roger Ailes and Sean Hannity. When word filtered to the Second Floor that O’Reilly planned on repeating some of his radio rant on the TV show that night, the order came back quickly: Absolutely not. But O’Reilly put his foot down. Neither Stan Manskoff nor Bill Shine could dissuade him, and it took a phone call from Roger himself to put the matter to rest.

“Bill took the call in his office, politely but insistently pleading his case to Ailes, but Roger held firm. Bill reluctantly agreed to toe the party line, excused himself from the call, gently hung up the receiver, then loudly yelled a string of expletives that could be heard all over the seventeenth floor. But after he got it out of his system, he spiked the Limbaugh reference from the TV show.”

It’s mostly the Limbaugh-defined “low information voter” who believes Obama’s not a bad guy, and O’Reilly’s the uncrowned leader of the LIVs.

Is it any real wonder why O’Reilly’s again taking aim at radio talk show?

Were it not for Rush, Mark, Sean, Glenn, et al the entire population rather than only 50% of it would be low information voters by now…….

Fox’s Pied Piper of Low information Voters


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