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……The release of Hopslam is one of those beer events that defies logic with people waiting in line to buy a six-pack that is in the $15.00 – $17.00 range. Absurd until you taste it. The interesting thing is that there is an even better option out there that gets even less hype. That beer is Brother Benjamin by Greenbush Brewing. I would never have purchased a Brother Benjamin if I had never tasted Hopslam. After all, the label reads “Imperial pale ale brewed with Honey” which would normally be verboten on my palate.

I had passed by Brother Benjamin so many times because of the honey, then one day I thought, “Wait a minute, Hopslam has honey in it, and I like Hopslam”. So it was settled, I had to try Brother Benjamin immediately.Here is a little something quirky about me and beer (o.k. maybe me and a few things); as soon as I see a beer or think of a beer that I want to try or is about to be released, or I have a taste for, I immediately go on………MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Hopslam vs. Brother Benjamin: Honey Flavored Head to Head – SommBeer


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