How Ivanka Trump Can Save the Republic

How Ivanka Trump Can Save the Republic
American thinker ^ | May 12, 2017 | Cherie Zaslawsky

Posted on 5/12/2017, 5:41:34 AM by Kaslin

If Ivanka Trump listens to the Americans who elected her father in one of the greatest upsets in American electoral history, she will discover her clear path to saving our Republic.

It is a measure of the unprecedented nature of the period of history we are in that a young woman with no background, experience or training in politics, political philosophy, American civics or the Constitution, finds herself in a position of such power.

Yet even in the absence of any credentials of the statesman or knowledgeable political officeholder, Ivanka has the opportunity to set our nation back on track to preserving our sovereignty and freedom, in addition to regaining our prosperity.

You might ask how such a young, idealistic, naïve woman born and bred to a cloistered life of privilege and luxury, and whose passion has been focused on fashion design and marketing, could suddenly become her country’s savior, much as the young Joan of Arc did for France.

It is perhaps even more unlikely, given the fact that Ivanka’s husband is a Democrat, and his father a major Democrat donor, and Ivanka herself appears to have adopted that party along with her husband’s religion, that she would aid the country on the side of her father’s largely conservative agenda.

And while it is commendable that Ivanka is developing an interest in historical figures, it is at best problematic, from the perspective of her father’s supporters, that she’s singing the praises of iconic leftist Eleanor Roosevelt.

In fact, in recent interviews with the New York Times, Ivanka “talked about unleashing the economic potential of women – some of her phrases sounding uncannily like those of Hillary Clinton – and effused about finding a new role model in Eleanor Roosevelt, whose autobiography she is reading.”

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