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Trump Defends Flynn While Clashing With McMasterMay 12, 2017 Read More Articles by Kelleigh NelsonThe intelligence community does not have complete ‘eyes on’ the totality of the Iranian nuclear program, nor can it guarantee that we have identified all of Iran’s nuclear facilities and processes. LTG Michael T. FlynnGeneral Flynn as the ScapegoatWhat is it with the hatred of General Michael T. Flynn?

Fear? Is it the fact that Flynn knows far more about the enemies of freedom than anyone else in any of the past administrations all the way back to Carter? It seems obvious that the globalists on both the left and right do not want the Islamic threat exposed or eliminated, neither do they want many other facets of their existence uncovered which would totally destroy them.

Why is it that the West Wing officials all wish to jump on the bandwagon to throw Flynn under the bus? This is over the top contempt even worse than was shown for Trump during the campaign.  President Trump says Flynn is the victim of a Democrat/media-fueled “witch hunt,” and he is right, but add to the fact that many globalists surround our new President and they surely wanted rid of a man as accomplished as Flynn.White House staffers have been anonymously telling reporters for weeks that Flynn was a bad advisor with an agenda, and comments were not confined to one faction of the White House.

Two of those globalists, Vice President Mike Pence and Priebus, supported getting rid of Flynn after they alleged he misled his colleagues about conversations with the Russian ambassador.The willingness to throw Flynn under the bus has been broadly shared, but we don’t know the real reason why, and most likely never will.  LinkThe Bogus Russian Connection We’re still getting this yada clap trap that Flynn lied to VP Pence, but I’m not buying it, and neither is anyone else. The whole Flynn/Russia connection portrayed by the media and intelligence is hogwash and everyone knows it. As Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Flynn had the highest security clearance you can get, and had every right as National Security Advisor to speak to the Russian ambassador.

So why the hell was he fired?Want to talk about real collusion with Russia, take a look at Hillary Clinton’s approval of the transfer of 20 percent of U.S. uranium to Russia and nine investors in the deal who funneled $145 million to the Clinton Foundation.  But of course, media never speaks of that Kremlin/Clinton scandal.  The progressives and the media yawned!  LinkAxed for Speaking the TruthObama fired the General from his position as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency in 2014, after Flynn told a congressional committee that the American people are in more danger now than just a few years ago, an uncomfortable truth Obama didn’t want the American people to hear.

When the General saw policies that were unfavorable to America, he spoke out about it, and Obama looked at Flynn as disloyal. But that’s Hussein Obama. Flynn was one of the most vocal and loyal campaigners and supporters of Trump from day one of Trump’s announcement to run.The very same day that Clapper and Yates were to testify before the Senate subcommittee, it was leaked that Obama had whispered in Trump’s ear, “This Flynn guy? You can’t trust the guy. I wouldn’t have him in there.”

And of course, Sally Yates, the former acting AG stated that General Flynn was susceptible to blackmail because of his phone call with the Russian ambassador. Well Sally, if your statement was true, all the democrats who snuggled with Sergey Kislyak are also susceptible to blackmail, but Flynn was only following orders, and he definitely had security clearances the others did not.

The hatred of General Flynn, who could have helped our President “Keep America Safe,” is beyond the pale and utterly disgusting.After all these so-called investigations by former FBI Director Comey and Sally Yates and Clapper’s testimonies, we still have no idea who the leakers were who got this mess started.  However, we do have Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and AG Sessions to thank for getting our President to finally tell Comey, “You’re fired!”  And for good reason!…………MORE!

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