70-year-old woman is charged with hatred against people

70-year-old woman is charged with hatred against peopleFriaTider (Translated into English) ^ Posted on 5/13/2017, 11:21:56 AM by TigerClaws(Google Translated article):

A 70-year-old woman in Dalarna is charged with hateful people since Facebook wrote that immigrants fulfill their needs in the streets, writes DT.se. Like the article on Facebook Share / PrintAccording to the prosecution, the woman via Facebook should have expressed disdain on people with a foreign background.In a post from 2015, she has written that immigrants “fire cars and kisses and go to the streets”.

This violates the law in the face of the public, says the prosecutor.The prosecuted woman has acknowledged that she wrote the post, but denied that she had committed a criminal act.

As proof of the 70-year-old woman there is a screenshot from Facebook.The penalty for hatred against the people’s group is imprisonment for a maximum of two years or, in the event of a fine, fines. If the crime is considered to be grossly convicted, the accused is sentenced to imprisonment for at least six months and no more than four years…………………………………..

Source: 70-year-old woman is charged with hatred against people


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