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Sheriff David Clarke Jr: the black Democrat who is Trump’s favorite cop

The Milwaukee lawman talks to Ed Pilkington about helping the president’s push to deport undocumented migrants and playing ‘smash-mouth politics’ David Clarke Jr, sheriff of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, is a self-described ‘Trumpster’ who was in the running to be homeland security secretary.

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Ed Pilkington in Milwaukee@edpilkingtonThursday 23 March 2017 03.00 EDT Last modified on Monday 1 May 2017 08.47 EDT

Meet President Trump’s favorite cop: an African American, cowboy hat-wearing, God-fearing conservative who stands for election as a Democrat, likens Black Lives Matter to the KKK, and has a habit of threatening violence against his critics on Facebook.David Clarke Jr, sheriff of Milwaukee County in Wisconsin, is a local law enforcement leader who carries a national punch. Last year he toured the country as a Trump surrogate and was one of few black speakers at the Republican national convention; today, he regularly airs his provocative views on race and policing on Fox News.

Sean Hannity, writing in a foreword to Clarke’s new book, Cop Under Fire, calls him “America’s sheriff”.Now Clarke, a self-described “Trumpster”, is on a new mission. He plans to turn part of his 800-officer strong department into an immigration detection force so that he can help to execute one of the president’s most controversial and fearsome projects: rounding up and deporting millions of undocumented migrants.’Living in hell’

? Milwaukee’s black residents defy Trump’s stereotypes Read more“I feel I have an obligation,” Clarke said in a two-hour interview with the Guardian in his Milwaukee sheriff’s office. “Otherwise I’m aiding and abetting. Criminal illegal alien crime is a problem in this country.”Trump needs the extra muscle that local sheriffs and police chiefs can bring if he is to have any chance of implementing his controversial mass deportation plan. “

They have to have the help of local law enforcement or they really can’t get this done,” Clarke said. “Everyone who is arrested for a misdemeanor or felony has to go through my jail.”So last week, Trump’s favorite cop formally applied to join 287(g), the national system that delegates power from the federal immigration agency, Ice, to law enforcement departments. Under the program, Clarke would assign an as yet unspecified number of his 500 corrections officers at the county jail and 300 field patrol deputies to be trained by Ice in apprehending people for deportation.At the end of a four-week training course in South Carolina, Clarke’s officers would be vested with the full authority of the federal government to check the citizenship status of anyone they stop and question, potentially turning individuals found to be in the US without permission over to Ice for removal. That’s a formidable capability that the Obama administration largely withheld from police officers to avoid blurring the lines between policing and immigration enforcement. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Donald Trump talks with Sheriff David Clarke Jr in Milwaukee on 16 August 2016.

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Under Obama, Clarke said, “there were instances where we’d do a traffic stop, and there’s a sense that the guy was maybe in the country illegally, not just because he’s Latino – he doesn’t have a licence, doesn’t speak the language – pretty good chance, right? But we couldn’t ask about it or do anything about it.”AdvertisementUnder 287(g), by contrast, “I can bring the guy in and start to do the questioning.”The idea that sheriff’s deputies will soon be patrolling the streets of Milwaukee acting in effect as Ice agents has sent a chill across the Hispanic community, which accounts for about 9% of the county’s almost 1 million population and the lion’s share of undocumented residents.

It’s one thing for Ice agents to come pounding on your door in the middle of the night; it’s quite another to know that cops could stop you at any time and ask for your papers simply, critics say, because you look Latino.“Racial profiling of Latinos is already happening and this will embolden people with prejudices to act on them,” said Christine Neumann-Ortiz of Voces de la Frontera, a Milwaukee-based community group that is leading protests against Clarke’s immigration plans. “Anyone who is booked through the county jail for something as trivial as driving without a license could find themselves put straight into deportation proceedings.”

Donald Trump’s first 100 days: a guide to the successes, the failures – and the tweets Read moreClarke dismissed the racial profiling argument. “Let’s define what we profile: we profile criminal behavior, not ethnicity. This term ‘racial profiling’ is thrown out there as flame-throwing – call them racist! – I’m not afraid of that crap.”According to the sheriff, the aim of 287(g) is to catch …………MORE!

Source: Sheriff David Clarke Jr: the black Democrat who is Trump’s favorite cop | US news | The Guardian

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