Trump fu traps James Comey?

Trump fu traps James Comey? ^ | James Lewis Posted on 5/14/2017, 8:46:00 AM by RoosterRedux

Interesting how things come around again.Anyway, the other day, Trump needed to know if Comey was one of the big leakers trying to destroy him. Because the NYT and WaPo and a thousand other media types have made no secret of their bloodlust when it comes to destroying one Donald Trump, duly elected president of the United States.I’ll bet that Trump, who knows how to confuse liberals with his words, said something that was almost impeachable, but not quite. But nobody is going to confess to taping it, because that would also be illegal.So Comey snaps at the sucker bait and tells Jim Clapper (who just got fired himself as DCI) that Trump is dead meat.The House Intelligence Committee instantly asks Comey to testify. Secretly or publicly.

They don’t care. They just want to see a dead body swinging in the wind.Then Trump springs his trap, using his favorite bullhorn: his Twitter account and its several million followers.Including all the news media, who keep a 24-hour death watch on Trump’s tweets, waiting for him to break his neck in public.

So Trump tweets:James Comey better hope that there are no “tapes” of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!That was 5.25 am on 12 May 2017.Snap!Guess who got caught! James Comey, who is accusing the president of the United States of an impeachable crime without being able to prove it?(Excerpt) Read more at …

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