Trump Drops Bunker Buster on Comey and the Deep State

Trump Drops Bunker Buster on Comey and the Deep State
The MAerican Thinker ^ | 05/15/17 | Geoffrey P. Hunt

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To what end was Comey’s convenient and cynical equivocations? Mere warm-ups for his disgraceful tenure at the FBI.

Comey’s fitness report while heading the FBI is a compendium of incompetence, and dissembling, beyond his blockade-running interference for Hillary’s email felonies, and AG Loretta Lynch’s deliberately compromising encounter with Bill Clinton on the Phoenix airport tarmac:

**The FBI ignored the Tsarnaev brothers before the Boston Marathon bombing.
**The FBI ignored U.S. Army psychiatrist and jihadist Nidal Hasan before he murdered 31 people at Fort Hood.
**The FBI ignored the San Bernardino terrorist killers Farook and Malik; then in an unforced fiasco bullied Apple for a needless unlocking key to the killers’ IPhone.
**An FBI agent was actually following the Garland, Texas shooters without notifying local law enforcement that armed men were about to carry out a terrorist attack.
**The FBI ignored Orlando nightclub massacre terrorist Omar Mateen, while under intermittent surveillance, whose lies to the FBI were known by the FBI interrogators.
**The FBI has done zero investigation into who leaked classified info on Michael Flynn, nor the unmasking of more than a thousand private U.S. citizens, along with who spied on Trump and members of Congress.
**The FBI has demurred in investigating the Clinton Foundation

Overcoming his record in hardcore prosecutions of first-order crimes, Comey became an accomplished sifter of fly ash, alternating hiding behind investigation protocols when politically convenient, then asserting prosecutorial zeal when personally advantageous.

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Source: Trump Drops Bunker Buster on Comey and the Deep State


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