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The Three Headed Snake Out to Get Trump1h agoCIAcolin powellconspiracy theorydeep statedeep state dictatorshipCLAPPER, BRENNAN, AND COMEY.Fired FBI Director James Comey had a job to do, according to the conspiracy theory outlined here. Comey was to undercut BOTH Trump and Hillary Clinton so that the Deep State’s man would ascend to the presidency.

Read the excerpt if you have an interest in knowing who the Deep State wants as the president. I’ve bolded his name and inserted a photo of him. You’ll recognize him.Comey is no longer with the FBI but have no doubt that his loyalists are still there, still trying to remove President Trump “for the good of the country.” Likewise, other Deep State loyalists are embedded in every federal agency, ready to do whatever it takes to see Trump tossed out of office on his ear.Excerpt from Lew Rockwell

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