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Your personal ambition: locked up or wide open?

May17by Jon RappoportYour personal ambition: locked up or wide open?By Jon

For centuries, the word “ambition” has been injected and stained with negative connotations: greed, selfishness, lowness of character.

These days, it’s because the current fashion (backed up by enormous propaganda) is: “give everything away for free to everybody else.”Of course, no one actually does that. But it doesn’t stop people from espousing the idea. It plays well. It’s a badge of honor. The implication is: no matter who they are, no matter what they ask for, other people are more important than Self.Where does this the leave the individual?

He’s the exception to the rule. If he’s sitting with the wrong people and somehow, accidentally, transmits the impression that he’s happy to be succeeding at doing what he really wants to do, there could be blowback.He’s “ambitious.”He wants to “achieve something on his own.”He must be from another planet.The rule is: everything must be done out of a sense of Giving Service. As in a bland and pallid church. Bring out the hymnals.If “success” is mentioned at all, it should be couched in “spiritual” terms. Devotion to all of humanity all the time. Saving the entire planet, at a bare minimum. And before breakfast, if possible.We hear, “I’m blessed to be doing (fill in the blank). Really?

Who provided the blessing? Was there a ceremony? Wine? Crackers?“I’m giving back.” Back? Say again? Did you just get back from somewhere? A conference in a higher realm, where you were tasked to perform great actions here, minus any shred of self-interest?Ambition? At best, a useless appendage from a bygone age, when people were self-absorbed and confused, when they, as individuals, were deluded into thinking they were building something on their own.Didn’t you get the memo?

We’re all in this together. And don’t commit the faux pas of asking who the “we” is and what the “this” is and how “all together” actually works.Ambition? “The Universe” must place it in a very low position on the scale of righteousness.A private client of mine once completely broke up during one of our conversations.

When he stopped laughing and calmed down, he told me he realized how he’d been keeping himself in check because, whenever he tried to think about his personal ambitions, he was blocked. He wasn’t supposed to be ambitious. He wasn’t supposed to think about his future in terms of his own ambition. He wasn’t supposed to be who he was. He wasn’t supposed to pour all his energy into making his own desires come true. That was treasonous. That was betraying “everybody else.” That was…Blasphemy……..MORE!

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