By Judi McLeod:  Back Trump! Send the MSM & Progressives Diving for Cover | Canada Free Press

Meanwhile all daily bedevilled patriots, BELIEVE, not in the fantasies the MSM spins but in what is REAL

Back Trump!  Send the MSM & Progressives Diving for Cover

By Judi McLeod

—— Bio and Archives May 18, 20171 Comment | Print This | Subscribe | Email UsThere’s only one way to get to the light at the end of the dark tunnel where the mainstream media in sync with the ‘progressives’ have utterly abandoned America.

The light at the end of the tunnel can be descried in two little words: “BackTrump!” “Back Donald Trump and Buck Yourself Back Up”  in believing in America.People have been giving up on faith since gossip, hearsay and lies became the ‘journalism’ of the day.

The Long Night of the Knives is not the history of the past but happening right now.  The swishing heard in the air is not the onset of Tinnitus, but the shivs, sabres and darts making their way to a well-marked target called ‘Trump and Supporters’. This is a media campaign…”Reports indicate”… “Sources say”, “blah, blah,  blah”So far,  as they wait for Trump to step down, some wish openly for his assassination. Their never-ending mission is to kill off President Trump with vile words.There’s a constant 24-7 media barrage against Trump, the president, and the hyenas howls are getting louder by day.This is a media campaign…”Reports indicate”… “Sources say”, “blah, blah,  blah”.  Dismal in defeat blabbers Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Chuck Schumer being the biggest blabbers of the moment, surpass in their spittle-flecked spite even ‘Blabbermouth Debbie Wasserman Schultz.Back Trump Up and back the Progressives off by being willing to give America’s newly-elected 45th the benefit of the doubt.

Backing Trump Up is not putting a smiley face on it, it’s giving the back up the stamp of reality.What America’s enemy is attempting to do is to get back into power by any means necessary.

You don’t have to be a talking head or pundit to see the path they’re digging.Just a glance at the headlines tells you where progressives in exile are trying to lead the masses. ‘Conservatives begin to whisper: President Pence’ screams the latest Politico headline.“Not since the release of the Access Hollywood tape, in which Donald Trump bragged about groping women by the genitals, have some conservatives thought so seriously, if a bit wistfully, about two words:

President Pence. (Matthew Nussbaum, Politico, May 17, 2017)Knock it off, Matthew, Conservatives, on the run even with a Congress and Senate majority, don’t think of anything past their own pay-checks.They would hate Pence as much as Trump,  but would have to come up with new personal insults besides, Trump’s unlikeable hair, small hands and his color of orange.“

The scandals clouding Trump’s presidency — including, most recently, his firing of FBI Director James Comey, his alleged leak of classified information to Russian officials, and reports that he urged Comey to drop an investigation into a top aide — have raised once more the possibility that Trump could be pushed aside and replaced by Vice President Mike Pence.” (Politico)By which law on the books can Trump be “pushed aside”?

The U.S. put up for eight long years with a president who hated America—partly because there was no law on the books that could have him “pushed aside”.“Erick Erickson, a conservative pundit who was a strong Never Trumper but then pledged to give the president a chance, wrote on Wednesday that Republicans should abandon the president because they “have no need for him with Mike Pence in the wings.” (Politico)Continued below…

Put your gargantuan ego in your back pocket, Eric Erickson, and then sit on it!And then there’s this hilarious headline from the propagandist Washington Post: ‘The worst job in Washington right now: Working for Trump.’Wrong: For anyone with any kind of a conscience, the worst job in the world is lying for a living in the MSM, led by the Washington Post and New York Times, where plying the trade of ‘journalism’, no longer means chasing down a story but sitting right there at your desk and making one up.

In life on this Earth we all have Crosses to bear and it seems that the progressives, dumped by the thousands in the last election and being forced into a life in exile, is theirs.

Don’t believe in all you see and hear on cable television or read on the Internet.Don’t go digging deep for your sympathy whenever a radio talk show host says he/she/or in-between declare that they can’t take it anymore and so plan to go running off to join the other side.

Next time the attention-seeking Ann Coulter wants to publicly air her doubts about President Trump, she should at east wait until he’s having a better day.And no, Hell no, Ms. Coulter “the anti-Trumpers were not “maybe right” about Trump back during the election campaign.

They weren’t right about anything—not even about the so-called impossibility of his ever making it to the presidency.Meanwhile all daily bedevilled patriots,  BELIEVE, not in the fantasies ……..MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Source: Back Trump! Send the MSM & Progressives Diving for Cover | Canada Free Press


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