by Jim Robinson/FR…………We’re up, but still have some problems

Skip to comments.We’re up, but still have some problemsPosted on 5/19/2017, 8:06:05 AM by Jim RobinsonJohn says we’re up but we still have some configuration problems, but they’re going to have to wait until he gets home (3 hours). His laptop is not working and the only way he can get in is by his phone and that’s giving errors. He’s afraid others on mobile devices may be getting errors too. We’re on a new version of the db software now and apparently there are some compatibility issues. And we’re sporting some new drives including a new SSD (solid state) drive. Should be working pretty good after he works out the configuration problems, then he has to finish the sha-256 installation for security for credit cards. Then on to a total redesign of the system. It never ends.Thank you all very much for hanging in there with us.God bless.

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