Commentary: Don’t underestimate Donald Trump!!!

Commentary: Don’t underestimate Donald TrumpThe Chicago Tribune ^ | May 19, 2017 | Ronald A. Klain, Special to the Washington Post Posted on 5/19/2017, 3:53:45 PM by 2ndDivisionVet

Last October, we were in the midst of debate preparation for Hillary Clinton when news of the “Access Hollywood” tape broke. The senior Clinton team immediately wondered what the event’s impact would be. Would there still be a debate two days later? Would Donald Trump show up? Would his running mate, Mike Pence, take his place? How could Trump survive?Trump not only showed up for the St. Louis debate that Sunday, he stood on the stage and told Clinton that if it were up to him she’d “be in jail.”

Ten days later, Trump insisted at the Las Vegas debate that allegations made against him by nine women of groping and other unwelcome physical contact were so baseless that he “didn’t even apologize to [his] wife” for his actions. Twenty days after that, Trump was elected president of the United States.The lesson: It is dangerous to underestimate Trump’s survival skills. And so, as the appointment of a special counsel to investigate the Russia mess has Washington buzzing with nascent impeachment talk, 25th Amendment scenarios and rumors about resignation, it is worth remembering how tenaciously Trump pursued power, along with five key assets he has to maintain his grip on it…..(Excerpt) Read more at …

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