Keep Free Republic up and running (Vanity)

Keep Free Republic up and running (Vanity)Posted on 5/19/2017, 10:46:49 AM by cpdiiiWhile Free Republic was down I read some snarky remarks about Free Republic and Jim Rob on Facebook.Free Republic is supported 100% by our donations. The reason we do not have the best and top of the line servers and backup servers is money.If Jim Rob were to make this a commercial site he would retire an extremely rich man. If it was a commercial site it would be like Breitbart. On Breitbart you wade through tons of ads and popups!Hundred of thousands of people visit Free Republic. If just a small percentage became monthly donors there would be no Freepathons and Free Republic would have state of the art equipment.Become a monthly donor as I. Even it is just a few dollars it all counts.

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