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Differences Between Wapnick’s View of “the Course” and…others!

The differences (at least the significant ones) come down to a single issue: Should one interpret the Course as being primarily literal or primarily metaphorical?

At the Circle, we approach it as primarily literal. We see it as a “course…that means exactly what it says” (T-8.IX.8:1). Though Wapnick uses this same quote to support his way of interpreting the Course, his main emphasis is quite different.

He teaches that anything in the Course which implies what he calls “duality”—which amounts to the majority of the Course’s language (“Jesus’ teachings come largely within a dualistic framework”[2])—should be seen as a metaphor.

What is duality? It is anything that seems to suggest that there are two realities: the oneness of Heaven and something else. Duality, as Wapnick treats it, seems to include the following ideas:

…..As most ACIM students are aware, Robert has spent a considerable amount of time trying to stir debates with Wapnick, as if to battle for title as the lead scholar of ACIM.

Fortunately, Ken Wapnick won the debate by not bothering to respond to any of Robert’s silly charades.

This really makes it clear as to why Jesus chose a man such as Wapnick to be part of the Course founders and not Robert Perry.7. Robert goes on to put the final nail in his own coffin-of-a-case against Renard by pointing out that “DU is filled with many Wapnick-like concepts, such as non-duality.

It also includes Wapnick’s pantheon of historical figures, such as Shakespeare and Freud.”…………MORE!!!!!

Our job is solely to accept the Atonement for ourselves. “Salvation of the world depends on [us] simply doing just that and only that.” [37] The light in our minds will then automatically brighten the mind of the entire Sonship. Trying to help people outside us in the world is falling into the trap of believing that there is something really out there. “One cannot heal others because ultimately, if the world is an illusion, who is there to help?” [38]




Re ken Wapnick:

Q #108: As I continue to study A Course in Miracles, I am beginning to understand that the emotion that is commonly called “love” in this world is not at all the same as the “love” referred to in the Course. In fact, I have discovered that in many cases, my ego uses the idea of “love” to cover up a lot of very dysfunctional thinking and behavior. What is the relationship between love as we understand it in the world, and love as expressed in the Course, and how can we use that to guide our lives?

A: The distinction you make between the “love” the Course is referring to and what is called “love” in this world is correct. They are not the same thing. The love of this world is always what the Course calls “special love,” and it is the foundation of the “special relationship.” It not only has properties that are in direct opposition to the love the Course refers to, it is actually a mask for hatred: “It is in the special relationship, born of the hidden wish for special love from God, that the ego’s hatred triumphs. For the special relationship is the renunciation of the Love of God, and the attempt to secure for the self the specialness that He denied” (T.16.V.4:1,2).





…..Inception: In the film, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character is a mind specialist, where he can infiltrate people’s minds and steal their secrets which are hidden in the sub-conscious part of their mind. He is then asked to use his specialist skills to enter into a series of dreams within dreams and place an idea into the character called Fischer’s sub-conscious mind. This idea is to replace a former idea already placed into his mind by his (Fischer’s) dying father.

ACIM: In the book ACIM, while still in reality we fall into a deep sleep and a character called the Ego who is a mind specialist, has infiltrated our minds , and planted a series of ideas that were very untrue. In this first dream state, we entered into a series of dreams within dreams which became darker and darker. We have now forgotten our reality and are born into the physical world (limbo). We are now stuck with no way of remembering who we really are, or how we can get Home. Now, the author of A Course In Miracles, a character called Jesus, in a series of dreams within dreams, places a series of ideas into the sub-conscious minds of the readers of this book, who are searchers of Truth. This series of Ideas, called true perception Truths, are to replace a series of ideas false perception (Un-Truths) that have already been planted into our minds by the mind specialist called the ego.

Inception: In the film, Cobb enters into an induced deep sleep, and in that induced sleep he begins a series of dreams. Within his initial dream he creates a new reality, this reality can be created with the power of his mind in the dream. He then enters into dreams within dreams and can create other worlds, other realities and alter any reality as he see fit, he can create outside the laws of physics, he can bend time and space…………



Source: A Course In Megafools – MIchael Mirdad


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