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Sweden: Muslim migrant rapist says victim “too horny” to know what “no” meant ^ | 06/11/2017 | Robert Spencer

Posted on 6/11/2017, 4:45:53 PM by heterosupremacist

Abdul from Syria raped a girl in a car while everything was filmed with a mobile phone. The girl shouted, “Stop, I do not want to!” On the film, Abdul claimed that she “was so bad that she did not know what she said.” Now he gets away with youth care because he claims to be 16 years old – and does not face expulsion.

The girl lay unconscious in the back seat when the car suddenly stopped. When she woke up, she noticed that her lingerie was gone.

When the police made a search in Abdul’s home, movies and pictures were found in his computer that showed when the girl was raped. When the girl in question heard about what was found in Abdul’s computer, she began to panic because she was afraid that the material had spread.

The film has been used as the strongest evidence against Abdul. In a sequence, the girl hears shouting “No, stop, I do not want to!” Despite that, Abdul claimed during the trial that it was about voluntary sex.

During a police interview, Abdul was asked how he interpreted the girl screaming that he must stop and she did not want to.

“I was not focused on it, she just said things she knew about,” said the refugee child.

When asked to explain what he meant by that, the Arab replied:

“She said things that she did not know what was said. I mean she was so very horny that she did not know what she was saying.

(Excerpt)


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