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Confederate Monument Controversy Gains National Interest1h agoCivil WarCivil War Trustconfederate monumentForest ParkMissouri Civil War MuseumST. LOUIS COUNTY (KMOX)-The Missouri Civil War Museum’s effort to acquire the Confederate Monument in Forest Park now has the attention of Civil War enthusiasts around the country.Museum Founder and President Mark Trout spent part of the weekend at the Civil War Trust‘s annual conference in Chattanooga, TN. “They are paying attention to St. Louis,” he says. “

This is not just a St. Louis issue.”And while there are similar controversies elsewhere, he says the Museum’s effort to take the monument off the city’s hands is unique. “This is really (rare), at least on an open market, that a Civil War museum has shown interest to work with the local government and actually is in the process of trying to raise funds to save and preserve one of these monuments.”Confederate Monument to come down this weekThe museum kicked off its online fundraising effort at noon Friday. In the first 36-hours, Trout says, it had raised over $10,000. It’s estimated it will take $130,000 to remove the monument from Forest Park. “The most important thing is we’re getting a lot of the information out.

A lot of folks out here in the country that love Civil War preservation and its really just a matter of getting the word out.”Contribute to the museum’s Confederate Monument fundTrout says soon he’ll be sending letters to the museum’s members informing them of what’s going on.Meanwhile, Trout says, he has not heard back from the city on the museum’s offer to pay for moving the monument.Because the museum is in a St. Louis County park, and county officials have told him they don’t want the monument displayed there, Trout’s plan is to put it in storage until the museum moves onto private property or finds a suitable place for it.Follow us on Twitter | Like us on Facebook


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