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Kuhner’s Corner: Why liberals fantasize about killing Trump
wrko.com (Boston) ^ | June 13, 2017 | Jeff Kuhner

Posted on 6/14/2017, 9:28:50 AM by Colofornian

The question must be asked: Do many liberals secretly wish that President Trump be assassinated? Sadly, the answer is: yes.

There is no other conclusion that can be drawn. Take the latest anti-Trump leftist outrage. In New York City, liberals in the theater have added a perverse twist to their long-running series, “Shakespeare in the Park.” In an adaptation of Julius Caesar, the role of Caesar is played by an actor who strongly resembles Trump—the distinctive blonde hairstyle, the long red tie and power business suit. Caesar’s wife, Calpurnia, is played by someone who is supposed to be Melania Trump, which includes a thick Slavic accent. In the pivotal scene of Caesar’s murder, the Trump character is repeatedly stabbed to death by minorities (most of whom are black) and women.

The implicit message is clear: Trump, like Caesar, is a tyrant who poses a mortal threat to our republic and must be killed. In other words, a major theater company is producing a play in Central Park that depicts the president being gruesomely murdered on stage. At best, the “assassination play” is in very poor taste. This is why Delta Airlines and Bank of America have withdrawn their sponsorships.

Yet, liberals are not only defending it. They are celebrating it. The New York Times insists it will continue to sponsor the play, arguing it is about the right to “freedom of speech.” CNN host Fareed Zakaria—an admitted serial plagiarist—calls it a “masterpiece” for the “Trump era.” His employer, Time-Warner, is also a sponsor.

The irony, however, is that the New York Times and CNN sang a very different tune during the Obama years. They led the media charge demanding that a rodeo clown be fired simply for wearing an Obama mask. For liberal elites, to mock Obama was grounds for social ostracism; to call for the murder of Trump is a sign of heroic “resistance.” Zakaria should be fired. The NYT and CNN should be boycotted.

The “assassination play” is violence porn masquerading as art. Its sole intention is to stir-up hatred against Trump, sending a strong signal to potential psychopaths or radical leftist activists to murder the president. This isn’t artistic creativity. It’s pernicious incitement. And it’s no accident left-wing audiences have been giving the production standing ovations. The Left loves it.

Moreover, it isn’t the first time liberals have been calling for Trump’s death. In the Women’s March on Washington, Madonna delivered a speech saying she dreams of “blowing up the White House.” Kathy Griffin recently posed in a picture—ISIS-style—holding a decapitated fake head of Trump soaked in blood.

Madonna, Kathy Griffin, the Julius Caesar play—the evidence is overwhelming: Many liberals fantasize about Trump being assassinated. It satisfies their visceral blood lust. They so despise the president their deepest, most primal desire is to see him dead, preferably killed in a brutal, painful manner.

The reason for their blind hatred is obvious. Trump is the anti-Obama. Everything the president stands for—patriotism, capitalism, border controls, immigration restriction, a powerful military and opposition to globalism—is reviled by the supranational Left. He is the chief obstacle to their utopian socialist world order. Having failed to defeat him at the ballot box and unable (so far) to drive him from office, liberals can only do one thing: rage. Like a religious cult faced with the collapse of its worldview, the Left is lashing out in fury.

The problem, however, is that there is only so much a stable democracy can endure. After a while, this kind of social acid begins to eat away at our civilized values. If prominent individuals, institutions or media outlets continue to suggest that Trump’s assassination would be good for America, then some deranged lunatic is going to try and do it—play Brutus to Trump’s Caesar.

This is why the Left’s (preposterous) claims that the president is a crypto-fascist and xenophobic racist bent on erecting an authoritarian, white supremacist regime are grossly irresponsible, bordering on the criminal. Convince enough people an iron-fisted dictatorship is coming and violence may ensue. Liberals are playing with fire. God forbid, should there be an attempt on Trump’s life, they will have a lot to answer for.

-Jeffrey T. Kuhner is host of “The Kuhner Report” on WRKO AM-680 in Boston.

Source: Kuhner’s Corner: Why liberals fantasize about killing Trump


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