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The Russians and their Motivations06/14/2017 | Brian Griffin Posted on 6/14/2017, 3:48:43 PM by Brian GriffinThe Russians don’t like either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.Trump is pro-US military, reckless and quick to anger.Hillary is combative, arrogant and quick to secretly seethe.The Russian ambassador to the US has two main objectives: 1. Keep the US from meddling in Syria 2. Keep the US from building up its military forces in EuropeThe Russians think Trump and Clinton both would meddle in Syria.

The Russians fear Trump would build up US forces in Europe while Hillary would prefer to spend money on welfare instead of on the military.Therefore, given the two bad possibilities, the Russians would prefer Hillary.To prevent US meddling in Syria, the Russians would play up their strong actions and their abilities, unhindered by domestic factors, to fight in Syria to a successful conclusion.To prevent a US military buildup in Europe, the Russians would act friendly towards key US people.As for helping Trump win an election, what could the Russians do?The Russians couldn’t prove Hillary looks down on a Democratic voting bloc, could they?The Russians couldn’t prove Hillary committed a criminal act, could they?The Russians simply couldn’t help prove something that wouldn’t and didn’t occur.The Russians probably could with Putin’s personal approval prove Hillary was careless with her e-mail, but Republican voters were sure of it and Democratic voters on the dole couldn’t care less.As for providing proof of a Russian e-mail breach, the Russians surely operate on a “need to know” basis too when it comes to KGB operations. Even to this very day, the Russian ambassador himself only knows about Hillary’s e-mails from the news media.The KGB works hard to provide Russian leadership with information.

Russian leaders, like American and Western European leaders, like to be well-informed.The KGB doesn’t want its targets to beef up their information security, therefore it would not want its successes officially verified.There were frequent claims by Obama and other Democrats that the Russians breached the DNC.Why would Russians breach the DNC? Why to find out about Hillary and her chances to win.Obviously, the Russians would also try to access Clinton family and associate cell phones and e-emails. Since Yahoo publicly claimed to have its security breached and the British had their cell phones tapped by a private news organization, the Russians were probably successful.

However, official Russian verification of what we already knew and should have known or suspected wouldn’t have mattered, so the Russians would have no motivation to act to confirm their breaches.The only official verification of Russian information system breaches came from Comey’s FBI and Obama, never from the Russians themselves.The Russians, who grew up under official surveillance, know how to keep their mouths shut.The Russian ambassador simply made nice and kept Russian secrets to himself, as the top-level professional he undoubtedly is.

The Russians, unless specifically asked about Hillary’s e-mails by Flynn, would only think he was after another well-paid speech engagement or Russian controlled military bases for US forces.There is also the factor that Hillary was thought sure to win by the mainstream media and by the most reputable pollsters.Hillary ran a very good media campaign that like the mainstream media, blasted Trump several times daily.The Russians, like every major news organization in the USA, could only believe Hillary would win.

The Russians could only believe Russian electoral intervention only would have made the very vengeful and powerful Hillary Rodham Clinton angry at any possible Russian interference, if they ever even thought of it……………………


Source: The Russians and their Motivations


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